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How long should I be spending on my computer?

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Sitting down continuesly for 2+ hours is bad for your body. You wont notice it until you are 30 years old so you dont get it why mom is mad at you :) Also your mom is from different age when there were no computers and people socialized outside face to face instead of chatting on facebook or playing video games. Movement, sun spells and fresh air is healthy for our bodies. 

It is okay to sit at PC for one hour and then do something else for 5 minutes like walking, exercising or stretching. You should take breaks after each hour spent on PC. 

Also, staring at any screen for too long is not doing good to your eyes.

So this is where your moms concern comes from.

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I spent way too much time on the computer when I was your age and regret it now.  I should have been diving in to things as small engine repair, wood working, or just following my dad around and learning different tricks of the trade.  


You will be cursing yourself when you're 30 and trying to learn how to do your own plumbing or brake repair/replacement for the first time when you could have learned all the basics in your teens.


Nobody cares about your K:D ratio, but someone that can help with electrical or drywall then you'll have "friends" for life. 

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My mum is really concerned about my education and read somewhere that I should only be spending up to 2 hours a day on my computer. However, at the moment I am only less than 16 years old and I don't have any big tests coming up. Do you think my mum is right? Please let me know your opinions on this ASAP.


Thanks. Louis  :)


she is right, kinda, 2-3H is a healthy amount for your age and depending on how weekends are planned 4hours.


however, your mom is also a bit over concerned, since technically speaking everyone that spends 1hour+ on the pc/internet, while it isn't, work, school, e-mail, direct communication, or hobby related is addicted*.


But things change quickly, so as long you stay away from the wrong side, it should be fine otherwise you might end up as Xabu.


*this conclusion is from a research back when MSN was still a thing.

May the light have your back and your ISO low.

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Well, I am currently learning how to code and learning about computer hardware. I still like to play games, but my parents seem to think that's all i do :/

Well, if they think that, try and alternate your schedule. Like one day you code, and the next day you play games.


But be surre t follow there rules for the computers. It may surprise you what they actually know.

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