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    Football, Digital Art, Calligraphy, racing, Anything with a remote or mouse
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    I moved back to my home town in Nebraska from Denver, CO. We now own over 12 acres of land and remodeled an 1880's farmhouse. I am constantly busy with the upkeep of the land, but in the winter I do get a little break and I am looking for a new build to keep myself busy with.
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    Data Analyst and Intelligence Officer National Guard


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    I7 5930K
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    MSI X99 Godlike
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    Kingston Hyperx Fury 32GB
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    980ti Gigabyte
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    Core X9
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    M.2 Samsung 500 GB / 850Pro 1TB
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    Corsair H115i
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    Corsair K70
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  1. Sounds like the same problem I had with 4 motherboards in a row! My first one just didn't post one day and RMAed it to MSI. I didn't realize that MSI only sends back refurbished motherboards. So 3 more motherboards I got fed up and purchased a brand new ASUS motherboard and everything works perfectly. So I am not sure if yours was brand new or refurbished, but it is possible to get 2, 3, 4 bad boards in a row as I can attest to it. Before I realized all of this I replaced CPU, all of my RAM, SSD, and M.2. As MSI stated they test the boards before they leave...obviously not w
  2. For this problem I changed/replaced : SSD/M.2 RAM CPU 4 MSI Motherboards RMAed Nothing Fixed it and I finally got fed up with MSI and their Refurbished RMAs. I purchased a new ASUS Sabertooth and voila works like a charm. So 4 motherboards were crap that MSI sent to me...I have yet to call them and let them know this. Trying to figure out how I can get my money back...probably not even possible.
  3. Negative I reformatted the original m.2 and am trying to install the OS back onto it through the USB, but it keeps freezing on the two times I have made it that far. I only have one RAM stick in their as I found two of the 4 were bad. I don't have an extra HDD or SSD laying around to test. I guess I might take the one that I use for storage and try it on there
  4. I have been struggling for some time with my machine. MSI X99 Godlike Motherboard intel 5930k CPU Corsair all in one H115i Cooler 980ti Kingston DDR4 Fury Hyperx 8GB x 4 (32GB) Samsung sm951 m.2 Boot 512GB Samsung Evo 850 Pro 1 TB Programs Windows 10 The history to this goes back to August, but BLUF 3 motherboards later, different CPU, and finding that 2 out of the 4 RAM Sticks have gone to crap (which are being RMAed) Currently when I boot it goes all the way through on the board, but I don't see anything on the scree
  5. So I had to send in my X99A Power AC back to MSI because it crapped out on me after a year and half. I received an "upgraded" X99A Godlike board. The board is obviously refurbished and has scratches on the colored plates. I called MSI and they said they only send out refurbished parts for RMAs. I found that to be a bullshit tactic if my original board is under warranty. That rant is for another time, so I went ahead and put this pc together. I go to boot and it gets stuck on Code 19 "Early Southbridge Initialization". I have tried both Bios A and B, clearing CMOS, and attempting to boot
  6. Waiting may not be an option...especially with my busy season coming up.
  7. I finished my personal PC over a year ago and was hoping it would have been good enough to handle some rendering (pix4d, photoscan, CAD), but I am finding out that a hex core won't quite get the job(s) done in the time that I need. I am new to server/nas builds and have been trying to do some basic research, but my time is limited and am asking for the communities help in speeding this up. What can be done in the 3,500-4000 range for a nas, rendering server/farm, and a rack if required? My rendering jobs are currently taking my i7 5930k approximately 12hrs to complete in pix4d,
  8. Yeah leaning that way, I just got off the phone with UAS America and went over the specs of the Eagle. Quite impressive, but the cost is extraordinary (23k for just the drone) in relations to DJI. What was definitely better was the two battery system with 45-50 minute flight time in calm winds with 6lb payload. I need to find out the true flight time of the inspire in nominal winds (5-10mph) with a multi spec camera attached.
  9. The company that I am looking at purchasing from has the matrice 100 and matrice 600 available. Not sure on their price points, but probably 2k more than the inspire package is my guesstimate. Which is much cheaper than the $17,500 fixed wing lancaster. Downside to quads are the time on station to area covered being approximately 150-175 acres/ 30 minutes while the lancaster is around 300-350 acres in about 40 minutes.
  10. Never thought about building my own, but since I am about to spend about $8,500 on a pre-built that includes multi spectral sensor, RGB, software packages, hard case, controller, unit and five batteries....should look into what I could do with that.
  11. With the new regulations coming into effect August 29th I have gone back to my research on starting a new business with drones. Not sure if this is the correct thread to place this or not, but I am attempting to use it on farmland for crop health and scouting. So far I have some interest from various farmers, but they are not really sure it will be much better than Satellite Imagery that they can get for near free. Seeing if anyone is doing this in their area or have any tips for a new entrepreneur? I will either be flying the precisionhawk Lancaster Mark 5 or the D
  12. That's more than I get with my 980ti...I average around 550k and on good days get to the 650k-675k mark.
  13. Tried it and anything over a moderate OC I would receive failed work units. So I just left it at stock and haven't wasted a Work Unit yet.
  14. I like it and haven't had any issues with it.