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I was given these parts to build a PC for one of my Dad's co-workers. He wanted to upgrade his current PC, a HP EliteDesk 800 G1, with a GTX 770 for accelerating his art projects. He soon discovered that the PSU in the HP was a pile of propriety dog shit. Actually that pretty much sums up the HP. Nothing on it was standard. The motherboard had proprietary connectors on it, the heatsink mounting holes where none standard and the case had a different size PSU and wouldn't accept standard ATX PSU's. So basically he had to order a new case, a new motherboard and a new PSU all for the GTX 770.



CPU: Intel 4770

Motherboard: ASUS H81M-A

RAM: Generic 8GB 1600mhz


Case: No idea, looks alright though

PSU: Corsair CX 600M


The horrible generic HP



The proprietary power connectors for the motherboard



A PCI-E 6 pin has the same pins as this and will fit in the header however the wires are different



Yet another power cable for the motherboard. Thank's HP



This i found weird. The power supply does not actually have Sata or Molex. Instead this cable plugs into the motherboard to give you them.



Here is the heatsink. Note the contact patch with the CPU is not actually centre with the rest of the heatink. The actual mounting holes are close to LGA 2011 and are different to LGA 115X.



This is what i ended up with. This is by no means pretty but i did the best i could with this case.



Plugging in the power connectors for the video card was extremely difficult



Hopefully this is the last time i will be seeing this PC.


Simple Stryker (Now Finished  ;) )

The Terrible HP


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that sag on the gpu  :o


good build thou.

Specs: Cpu: i7-4790k@4.5ghz 1.19v Cooler: H100i Motherboard: Msi z97 g55 SLI  Ram: Kingston HyperX Black 16gb 1600mhz GPU: XFX R9 290X Core Edition PSU: Corsair HX850  Case: Fractal Design Define R4 Storage: Force series 3 120gb ssd, sandisk ultra 256gb ssd, 1tb blue drive  Keyboard: Rosewill RK9100x Mouse: DeathAdder  Monitors: 3 22 inch on a triple monitor mount

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Those pictures hurt so much.... :(

GJ piecing it together though.

CPU: Intel i7 4790K    MB: Asus Maximus VII Hero    RAM: HyperX Beast 32GB    GPU: 2x Asus Strix GTX 1080TI OC SLI    SSD: Samsung 840 EVO 1TB    PSU: Corsair AX860i    COOLING: Corsair H110    CASE: Corsair 450D    DISPLAY: Asus PG348Q 34" x1 + Asus PB258Q 25" x2    AUDIO: SteelSeries Siberia 800    VR: Oculus Rift


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Hey, what does the case look like?

"If it has tits or tires, at some point you will have problems with it." -@vinyldash303

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that sag on the gpu  :o


good build thou.


I had the GTX 770 too. Even though it has a backplate it sags like crazy. I had to hang mine with some twist ties.. 

Intel 4790k | Asus Z97 Maximus VII Impact | Corsair Vengeance Pro Series 16 GB 1866Mhz | Asus Strix GTX 980 | CoolerMaster G550 |Samsung Evo 250GB | Synology DS215j (NAS) | Logitech G502 |


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Wouldn't you recommend just tossing in a quadro card since he was going to have to shell out money to basically replace everything but the cpu anyway?

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