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Everything posted by terrytek

  1. about time he posted an in depth video of one of the best bmws to exist period. now i just know e39 m5 values are gonna shoot up even more lol
  2. keep the ss and buy the tesla if u want. don't sacrifice a good sounding and torquey motor if you can help it. commute car and weekend car. ss is stick right
  3. i couldn't care less about electric cars so really i didn't give a single shit. if it's the 3.0 v6 then pass. there's almost no aftermarket for it.
  4. i know a certain youtuber that has this configuration already in his garage...... ? and i notice these spots r for electric cars.....petty move i suppose
  5. no sport mode sadly. :sadpepe: well subaru really derped and added fake gear shifting, which kinda defeats the purpose of a cvt.
  6. i can barely pass people in a 2.5 subaru outback mainly due to a trash ass cvt. if it had a real auto it probably wouldn't have issues passing up people
  7. 2018 HP Spectre x360 and iphone 8 Plus. I didn't go macbook to complement the iphone bc 1) price and 2) they're so fucking neutered compared to any other windows option.
  8. i mean a lifted wagon is better than no wagon. hence why my family bought an outback over a breadbox rogue/murano/equinox/(insert other shitbox crossover).
  9. that looks like a basic ass econobox, so i'm surprised it has a sunroof to begin with wow
  10. 335k on that limited o.o i think it's safe to say you probably won't find a 4runner with under 200k miles, if any.
  11. imo as far as 3rd gen 4runners go, you should only spring for a limited model. and it's pretty fuckin hard just to find one under 200k; i mean i've seen one for sale that had 480k miles on original everything, and it was surprisingly clean. usually you can get by with a 2wd model too since those run a bit cheaper.
  12. i know the 595 is pretty cool and sounds fiery and all, but i would stay away if you want your wallet to stay weighted. maintenance and reliability aren't strong suits so that's something to take into consideration. i would rather go with the bmw. tbh.
  13. you might need quite a bit of momentum to get it to slide a bit. maybe some power if you don't want it kicking back at you
  14. maybe i'll buy a pair of snapon socks then. probably the cheapest thing there at like 20 dollars a pair. volvo engine mustang body or volvo engine volvo body and just weird fabric shit. or none of the above?
  15. too bad the sears in my area shut down bc of the entire bankruptcy deal.
  16. i say try to mess with the injection. was never much of a fan of carbs but this ain't my car
  17. many saabs came with a stickshift option too, and i've even seen 9-5 wagons with stick.