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Build Log UTM Gateway Server 'Hlin'

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Posted · Original PosterOP

Hlin - Germanic god of protection

Build Log




Hey guys, I'm going to do a small build focussing on network protection. I've been testing various routers, firewalls, modems (ZyXEL, FritzBox, Draytek, Asus routers, Gateprotect Business Firewalls for 2500€, Lancom UTMs, even Linux based stuff like m0n0wall and pfSense) and whatever but I never was satisfied with what  got in the past. I found something interesting last night: Sophos created a business grade UTM software suite for private use. And they give it to you for FREE. It's a complete UTM solution containing a hardware firewall, gateway antivirus (All data you receive from the internet gets checked for viruses and malware), e-mail antivirus/spam detection, VPN solutions and many more. Usually you have to pay 2000€ for a solution like this and subscribe to plans like antivirus, malware protection and all this stuff for 500€ish per year. So i went for a build instantly.


What not to expect

This won't be a fancy build. It's going to be integrated into a small HTPC case, passively cooled, external PSU, no custom configurations. Do not expect anything you usually see here.

What to expect

I don't think this kind of stuff has been here before. It's a self built Unified Threat Management solution and security is becoming really important. If you want to raise your security level at home this can be interesting. I will test the antivirus scan latency, general throughput, how it will act with games, video streaming, how good it will block threats, configuration in general. 


CPU: Embedded Intel Avoton (Server Atom) C2550 Processor, Quad core, 2,4 Ghz/2.6 Ghz OC, 14watts

RAM: 2x 2GB Kingston 1600MHz  CL11 ECC RAM

Motherboard: SuperMicro A1SAi-2550F Embedded Server Board

Case: MS-Tech CI-57 with external 60W PSU


Sophos UTM Home Edition

My builds:

'Baldur' - Data Server - Build Log

'Hlin' - UTM Gateway Server - Build Log

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