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Upgrade to quest 2 needed?

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I have a rift s right now and it is great, but I’m wondering if it would be worth it to upgrade to a quest 2 and get a link cable. I’d have to sell the rift s and wait for my birthday in December though. Or, would I be better off keeping the rift s and waiting a few years until something even better comes out? I only want to play pcvr.

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Why would you go for a worse pc vr experience? The quest has a little better screen but that is negated when using the link cable and basically same result as the rift s due to compression as it's a video signal being sent over usb not a direct signal to the headset.


So basically keep your rift s. Especially because you only play pcvr then the whole quest is pretty pointless as it's meant to primarily be a standalone vr headset.

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