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Random shutdowns

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So recently my PC has been hard restarting randomly. Usually I'm not doing anything to stress it. Has happened when I had one web page and one pdf open. This started happening after my HDD failed (HDD is now out of system). The HDD is now unplugged. I've tried stress testing with Furmark and Prime95, but the problem didn't replicate itself. I've had a bad PSU before, and this seems like a different issue, as the power never fully goes off, it just gets taken back to the bios. I'm thinking that the drive somehow damaged my MB.

Specs are as follows :

  •  Ryzen 53600
  • 32 GB 3600MHz RAM
  • MSI Mpg x570 gaming plus MB
  • Evga gtx 970
  • Crucial mx500 1tb m.2 sata ssd
  • 1 old hdd
  • 550W power supply (I think corsair)
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Re-seat all your power plugs. Including fan headers. Obviously with the PC off.

- If it ain't broken, don't fix it! 

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