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Preston Taylor

Im looking for a laptop for cad, but I have a few other requirements.

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Hi, Im a cad designer looking for a laptop $1000. I will be using it for Solidworks (flow simulation, ect.). I need a number pad, 15in screen max, a dedicated gpu (or high end apu, vega 8/11 graphics), and 16gb of ram. Looking around I've found a few that work:

Acer Nitro 5 on newegg -  The issue with this one is its size and the colors, something more muted wont bring as much attention to me in a work environment.

ASUS rog G531GT-BI7N6 on Amazon - The issue with this one is the missing number pad, which is essential to my work. The colors aren't as bad because I can just turn them off.

Other than these I've been having trouble finding any that fit my needs. I know With the laptop being such a small size number pads are hard to fit, but if the acer aspire 5 can do so can others.

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