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Broken textures in only a few games. Is the GPU about to die?

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Posted · Original PosterOP

Hi everyone! I have a gaming VM on my unRAID server with GPU Passthrough. It's an HD 7770, so pretty old card. The operating system is installed on a single cache drive. (a few weeks old SSD). The games are on a share. Every HDD is perfect, including the SSD.


I had texture issues in Watch Dogs 2. The vehicles and pedestrians were totally broken. I couldn't take photos of it because I deleted the game. Then, GTAV was fine until the Summer Update. I experienced worse texture issues than in Watch Dogs 2. I have attached some videos and photos.


I thought the update messed up something, so I reinstalled the game. Re-dowloaded everything. Good, launched it, it was fine again. That was yesterday. Today, I experienced even worse screen problems. The weird thing is that it only happens in these 2 games. Sometimes in Minecraft, without Shaders, the textures are green. I have a photo of that as well. With shaders, perfect. Everything else, BeamNG drive, NFS Underground, Windows Desktop is perfect. (Another strange thing is that GTA detects 3.5GB of memory however, my Radeon has only 1GB.🤔 Maybe it could be an unRAID issue but previously, it didn't happen. But now, if I change the assigned amount of RAM, the video memory changes.)





I ran Heaven Benchmark on High settings for about 30 mins. The temperature didn't exceed 71C, so good. No screen issues, everything is fine.


Could it be that the GPU is about to die or what causes this strange issue?


Thank you very much in advance for your help! 🙏 



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