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  1. I have been using macOS as main OS for 4 years, before that, I only used Windows and as a VM, I still use W10 and W11 sometimes for gaming. For me, the following features are must-have and I don't even know how could I live without them: - Spotlight - As nearly everybody said before me, it's one of the best, especially when I need to translate a world from english to hungarian - Terminal - As I use Linux on nearly every other computer, having the same terminal in front of me as on the servers is really nice - Continuity / iCloud - This is one of the many rea
  2. I was able to find one for my LG 23" 1080p monitor. Mostly... Then, I will continue to do some research for a little time and then will let it go.
  3. Hi everyone! I have the opportunity to buy an ASUS MX27UC 4K monitor that is not powering on for a good price. I believe the main board of the display is broken, so I would like to find prices for replacement parts, however, I can't find it anywhere or I'm blind. Is there a way to find out that model number of the motherboard before buying it or does anyone here know what's in it? Thank you very much for your replies!
  4. Hi everyone! I have a gaming VM on my unRAID server with GPU Passthrough. It's an HD 7770, so pretty old card. The operating system is installed on a single cache drive. (a few weeks old SSD). The games are on a share. Every HDD is perfect, including the SSD. I had texture issues in Watch Dogs 2. The vehicles and pedestrians were totally broken. I couldn't take photos of it because I deleted the game. Then, GTAV was fine until the Summer Update. I experienced worse texture issues than in Watch Dogs 2. I have attached some videos and photos. I thought the update messed u
  5. I hope so. You mean the Ryzen 5 3600, right? How is AMD doing in GPU passthrough? I have heard bad feedbacks about that. Maybe they fixed that.
  6. The only problem is that I would like to know the estimated performance of that VM before investing in a totally new build. I would like to have the full performance of an i3 3220 in the gaming VM and have the X5450's performance in any other tasks. (dockers, Plex, shares etc...) And unfortunately, it's pretty hard to understand for me that will the i5 8400's 2 thread outperform a full i3-3220?
  7. I'm going to run unRAID. In fact, I'm using it now. I would run benchmarks if I had the hardware but that's why I'm asking it because I'm going to buy a newer i5 but I don't know how much performance I'm going to have in a "gaming" VM if I use only the half or 3/4 of the CPU's full performance.
  8. Hi everyone! I'm looking for a newer build to replace my s775 server. In the future, I would like to run "Gaming" VM for very light remote gaming using Parsec. My current gaming pc has an i3-3220 and its performance is nearly enough for me. Now, I would like to understand that how can I calculate the performance of the assigned "CPU" of that VM? Is there any function for that? For example, will an i5-8400's 2 or 4 thread performance match the i3-3220's full, 2c/4t performance or outperform that? I'm trying to calculate with Passmark's single thread perf
  9. Thank you for your answer! I will definitely check out the RTX 2060 KO! My father looked strange because of the "Gaming" title but today's games need a lot more horsepower then my father's drawings.
  10. Budget (including currency): 250.000Ft-400.000Ft (Hungarian Forint) = 800USD-1300USD Country: Hungary Games, programs or workloads that it will be used for: AutoCAD Civil 3D 2016-2018, AutoCAD 2018 Other details Hi everyone! I'm looking for a build to replace my father's old workstation for a new one. Currently, his "fastest" workstation at his office has an i5-2400, 16GB of RAM and a Quadro FX 3800. Of course, with a WD Black HDD. It's struggling with 2D basic utility drawings which takes up about 5-15MB/file, so nothing heavy. When other things are running in
  11. I have an older server PSU board with 2 replaceable power supplies but the only problem is that the CPU cable is an 8 pin cable and not splittable. The reason for that I think is it has 4 black wires and 2 yellow ones but on of the yellow ones is not next to the other, so it's not connected if I plug it in a 4 pin connector. As I know, the yellow is the 12V, the black is Ground. What I would like to do is to use a cable of a disassembled 230V cable, plug the end next to the target yellow wire and put the other end to the empty pin hole, so it can be connected to the motherboard's connecto
  12. I'm planning to dive into Virtualization. My current system can't pass through a GPU to VM because it has only 1 GPU. (it's an lga775 system) I'm going to get parts for a dedicated VM-Server with GPU passthrough but I can't decide that the parts I have chosen are enough. So I'm going to get an i5-2400 or a 3470 CPU with 8GB of RAM. I already have GPUs. For the motherboard, I'm looking for a model which has at least 2 PCIe slots and supports VT-x and VT-d. Is there anything else I should look for? I was told that the FX-8350 is getting pretty cheap and it has 8