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VOIP Phone questions

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(Not sure if this question should be posted in Networking or the Phone, Tablets subs)

A question about VOIP phones.

I work for a city municipality that uses POE phones. I have a computer at my desk that is connected thru a POE phone located in a different unoccupied area. The ethernet cable from that phone to my computer is not POE. IT department is to "busy" to install a POE phone in my workspace. QUESTION: If I purchase my own phone capable of both POE and NON-POE (but with a power adapter), Can I simply install the phone using the power adapter on my current computer ether line and it function properly? (Remember that my current ethernet cable comes off a POE phone). Or would using a Cat 6 splitter where the POE internet cable enters the first phone be a better option? (I don't know if Cat 6 splitters also split the POE to the second ethernet cable). I was looking at one of these phones... https://www.ebay.com/itm/CISCO-CP-7975G-7975G-VOIP-IP-Office-Phone/301907051669?hash=item464b100495:g:C2cAAOSwBnVW8sZH:sc:FedExHomeDelivery!74403!US!-1

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There is often some soft of provisioning and only some models will work, so you can't just plug  a phone in.


You can't split cat 6, you need a switch, and this is often disabled on coprate networks.


Really wait for IT, don't try to work around them, it gets ugly that way.

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