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LED Power Draw Of EK Waterblock And/Or Lian Li Distro Plate?

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I recently put together a build using an EK Quantum Velocity D-RGB CPU Block, as well as a Lian Li O11D Distro Plate G1. Both have RGB, and are currently connected to both of the A-RGB headers on my motherboard. I'm wanting to hook up the RGB on my radiator fans as well, so was looking into getting a splitter. Trying to map this out a little bit, I'm trying to calculate the power draw on each header. EK has a good documentation of their fans, but the Distroplate and CPU Block is where I'm running into issues. 


EK just doesn't seem to have the power draw listed on the page for their CPU block, and Lian Li does for their Distroplate, but it says it draws all 3A (5V) from the header, which seems to me like a little bit much. Lian Li's spec sheet says 0,3A 5V for "LED Power Consumption" . Is it really 3A or is it .3A? 


So if anyone happens to know the correct figures for either of these two things, that would help me out  a lot. Thank you.

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0.3A sounds much more likely than 3A

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