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Visual Hudson

Anyone know how to fix the broken / crappy Recently Played list on Amazon Music?

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Posted · Original PosterOP
I've been using Amazon Music occasionally for a few years, but in the last six months or so I've been using it more since deciding to pay for the monthly subscription. And for my needs, it's perfectly fine. No major problems. Sure the app is a bit glitchy, but it's fine.
One major issue I have with it though is that I often will go to Recently Played, press Shuffle and want to let the songs play out on my commute to work / home, however it repeats the same songs over and over and over and over and over again. What makes it more annoying, but also explains why it's doing this, is that if you look down through the list you'll see it look something like this:
  1. "Song A"
  2. "Song B"
  3. "Song C"
  4. "Song B"
  5. "Song D"
  6. "Song B"
  7. "Song F"
  8. "Song C"
  9. "Song D"
  10. "Song B"
So in my top 10 last played songs I have a grand total of 5 different songs actually being played, made up of 4 plays of Song B, 2 plays of Song C, 2 plays of song D, 1 play of Song A & 1 play of Song F. The lack of variety here is incredibly infuriating and I'm beginning to think it might be a deal-breaker for me. 
I really hope there has to be a way to stop / change / fix this. A song should only appear once in the list, I don't need 25 replays of Song B in the list. Once it's played, move it from it's old position and now that becomes the most recently played song. Don't leave it at it's old position AND also make it the most recently played song.
For example, if I go to Recently Played and Song B is the first one to come on then the list should look more like this:
  1. "Song B"
  2. "Song A"
  3. "Song C"
  4. "Song D"
  5. "Song F"
  6. "Song Q"
  7. "Song W"
  8. "Song E"
  9. "Song R"
  10. "Song T"
I feel like this is standard behaviour in any other music app I've ever used.
I can't see any options in the Android app to change this, but I'm hoping that someone out there understands my frustrations and can help me with this, or am I going to have to either live with it or move to a different platform?
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