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Monitor motherboard Tolerance

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Hey I don't know wether this is the right place to ask this: I got a broken Display and I wan't to make an entirely new display with my motherboard and a panel from ebay or aliexpress.Now the question: How much tolerance is there in the kind of diplay I am using. Does resolution matter or could I step res up. Display technology, Hz, size is there anything that has to be the same?

Info: I had a MSI Mac241G screen and the broken panel is a TPM236WF1 HP02 which is difficult if not even impossible to get a legit replacement for.


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Your controller board needs to support display panel. Here's guide talking about using laptop LCD as standalone monitor https://www.instructables.com/id/How-to-Convert-a-Laptop-LCD-into-an-External-Monit/

But since you are replacing from one panel to another, try to search as similar as possible. The size is key, but also manufacturer (learned this from taking my laptop to screen replacement).

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