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Random VGA/No Post boots...but everything else works fine?

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Posted · Original PosterOP

Hello, i'm having an issue where i'll get a random no post when I boot up with the MOBO stuck on the VGA light. Usually a restart or two will do the trick, but it is a little concerning. It appears the the MOBO error code light is stuck on yellow DRAM light before stopping on VGA. This only happened twice after multiple times turning PC in the past couple days and problem only started to happen once I applied new thermal paste to CPU. DOCP is on.


I just go this MOBO to fix a previous issue I've had with XMP and Ram not being compatible, kind of the same symptoms except BIOS will keep my RAM speed at 3600 this time instead of reverting it back to 2133.



Help? PC runs fine otherwise, so i'm not sure how worried I should be.



ASUS X570 Tuf Gaming WIFI Plus

Ryzen 3700x

RTX 2070 Super

Corsair LPX Vengeance 3600 RAM

Corsair CXM 750w 

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Did you update bios?

CPU: Ryzen 2600 GPU: RX 56 Vega RAM: ddr4 3000Mhz 2x8GB  MOBO: MSI B450-A PRO Display: 4K 60hz 34-60 freesync 10bit IPS.

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