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    QC, Canada
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    HardWare, SoftWare, Politics, Macro-Economy, Coordination, Psycho-History, Math, Science including; Astronomy, Biology, Chemistry and Physics, Complete Stories (Slice of Life). Eugenics/Disgenics Epigenetics. Neuroscience of the Mind.
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    ryzen 5 2600
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    MSI B450 A pro
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    16GB (2x4 + 2x4) ddr4
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    rx 56 vega
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    Corsair 300r
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    10TB +256GB SSD
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    Antec HCG 620M (620w, 80plus bronze, semi-modular)
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    4k 60hz freesync 10bit
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    2 stock case fans + (140mm) CM essentials 140 +H212 EVO
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    HP, Generic membrane keyboard
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    G pro
  • Sound
    logitech z330 + Pc37x
  • Operating System
    Windows 10

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  1. lol sorry but paying these prices while being broke is impressive
  2. 200$+ insanely overpriced. jus tgeta 5% bette rgpu that's about how much performance it takes to do 4k60 or get nvidia card with ahrdware encoding. lol I record all day at 4k60 and I don't need a 200$ card. fools!!!!
  3. There's no compatibility/affinity disadvantage that you might suspect along the lines of AMD being able to get synergy or along the lines of AMD conspiring against Nvidia.
  4. @Eigenvektor What max transfered size would be best for gaming? 1KB? and would setting it too low cause jitter? In other words, which risk is cheaper, to have it too high or too low?
  5. Isn't gaming supposed to be higher priority than voip? I mean 80 more ms in voip delay isn't going to matter as much as in a game right?
  6. So go in there and give blanket higher priority to packets up to a 1KB or something? As for fairness, is that applied even without qos enabled? is it applied with per device bandwidth limiter? so if the connection limit is reached, then the device(s) using most is throttled until the bloat is cleared. Is that how it works?
  7. Debate. Also my traditional qos settings doesn't seem to have a setting for most games but does have "The default ACK, SYN and ICMP packets are used to improve the game smoothness." My concern with bandwidth limiter is if 2 people start using their bandwidth limit, it will exceed the total network limit unless I make the per device limit very low. Adaptive qos can also be discussed but I will avoid it because it requires me to agree to poorly outlined spyware agreement with trend micro lol
  8. Is there an option where I can buy similar hardware that is open to work with any provider?
  9. So this is already better than what I have. I'd give up cell service. Can you clarify this? I don't know what source line and splitter is. What do I plug into the MJ adapter? Rj45 or ethernet?
  10. Interesting. Are you able to receive calls on your cellphone form that number if your phone has internet access?
  11. So you need an existing landline phone service?
  12. Is there a way to become your own phone service provider with an internet connection? Or get a cheaper phone service that depends on an existing internet connection?
  13. See how much you can sue them for (all damages you can claim). You can beat them in court or seek a tribunal froma consume rproteciton or some bs in your country. edit: nvm
  14. Ask rich cougar for coupons. Why price go up? Are we going to ask this question in 220401? I hope not.