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Sudden fps drops every few seconds. Please help me out'

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Posted · Original PosterOP

So i've been gaming on my Asus ROG hero 2. i7 8750h 16gb ram GTX 1060gb. Its fairy new laptop. I've been facing sudden FPS drops. These are the information I could gather through msi afterburner. Help pleasen!


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139Mhz for the GPU seems a bit low.
It might be that low cus of the temperature, see if you can have the bottom have some fresh cool air, see if it changes it.

When i ask for more specs, don't expect me to know the answer!
I'm just helping YOU to help YOURSELF!
(The more info you give the easier it is for others to help you out!)

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1 hour ago, Oscarshrestha said:

This is when everything is running well, before any fps drops.


What graphics card do you have (exactly which one model and part number) to check what clocks it should have also what's the name of that game


Also I see garbage frames which are a bad sign either your card is dying or you overclocked it and the GPU cant hold it or the game is buggy 


also try to boot in windows safemode and run DDU after that reboot in normal mode and install the latest drivers from nvidia'swebsite

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