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Weird issue when booting from first PCI Slot

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Posted · Original PosterOP

Motherboard: Asus Z170 Deluxe

CPU: Intel 6700K

GPU: Gigabyte 2070 Super

Ram: 2x 8GB DDR4 Hyper X

Boot Device: M.2 Samsung 960 Evo

When I attempt to boot pc from first pci slot i am posting with a windows recovery screen unable to do anything but enter bios. When i move gpu down to lower slot I boot as usual. I have moved gpu positions twice so far to "confirm" issue is with slot but of course I am no diagnostician so I can only guess here through process of elimination. I had just moved pc from location and have not turned pc on in ~3 weeks. Upon installation in new location is when i began to have these issues which at first were simple no display port detected issues with my monitor until i moved gpu to second pci slot and began having these issues. Any help to confirm issues would be helpful. thanks in advance.

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Posted · Original PosterOP


Well since pc is running for now im going to update windows and any drivers if necessary for now that might be an issue even if its not my main problem.


Updated the drivers pc took extra time to boot and after monitor was flashing to self adjust resolution form 720 to 1440p it  was running as normal but flashed an extra time. However it could be since i was screwing gpu into place when this happened to prevent the heavy sag.

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3 minutes ago, Ramontes said:

will do, I will look up a video on how to do that  if issue persists thank you 



upzip this onto a USB enter the bios, find the ex flash setting, follow the prompts

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