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Headphone help

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I've been doing the Gaming headset since forever and I generally only get a year to year and a half out of a headset, before they fall apart or crap out. I'm not hard on them it just seems to be the trend with gaming headsets. I currently have Man'O'Wars, prior to that I had Plyr1's, Turtle Beach etc etc


I'm tired of buying into the gaming platform and have a 200$ pair of paper weights every year that literally sit on my desk when I'm not on my computer and attribute to nothing else in my life. I've been leaning towards getting a good quality headset for the past year and now that my Razers are basically falling apart I need to pull the trigger.


My main requirement is closed or semi closed and sound leak is no beuno (I understand open is preferred). At first I was just gonna buy the M50x's and be done with it then research told me it was all hype and they were not actually as good as the hype. Then I looked at the Sennheiser 598, the DT770's and the T50RP. I think I've decided on the T50RP's but I've read that for gaming they are not great as directional sound can be abit of an issue.


So with my 500$ Canadian budget, currently about 20$ american. What would you do? Must be a portable DAC setup or no DAC and be closed. Gaming and screen time will be 80% of the usage these things see, 20% will be travel, airports etc etc. I do enjoy music alot and when I'm not gaming I have music playing.

CPU-Intel I7 6700k

Motherboard-Asus Maximus Formula VIII

Memory-16g GSkill Ripjaws V series 3200mhz

Graphics-Asus Strix 980ti OC

Power-Corsair HX750i

Storage-256g Samsung 950 Pro, 500g Samsung 850 Evo, 1tb Hitachi 7200rpm

Case-Phanteks Eclipse p400 Anthracite Grey

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