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Searching for somebody that can cut/edit videos (Comparing H.264 to H.265)

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Posted · Original PosterOP

Hello Guys,


i need to hold a Presentation about H.265. On one Slide of that Presentation i would like to Compare H.264 with H.265.

I want some kind of Video Comparision of both standards. My Idea was Something like this:





But i know nothing about Video-Editing, so i was hoping maybe someone here could help me :)

My idea was to take a high quality video like this for example: https://4kmedia.org/sony-mont-blanc-hdr-uhd-4k-demo/


The Video should be ~525 x ~1900 Pixel (Width x Height) and because the high quality video is higher res i want to zoom in to section so that the video dimension match the displayed section => ergo i neither have down- nor upsampling

afterwards i would render the video in 264 and 265 and place the videos next to each other as shown in my first image


im not sure if the difference is that easy to see because its inside a presentation and i maybe have to hold the presentation online because of corona so i thought i would maybe zoom in 1 area extrem to make the difference a bit more obv.


something like 




or maybe instead of a section i zoom in i maybe zoom in the entire video

something like this (same source image):




so what im looking for is someone who maybe could help me implement what i discribed or maybe even tips on what do to diffrent

i really know nothing about this kind of stuff and appreciate every critic / suggestion


ty in advanced


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