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  1. english is not my native language so tbh im not sure what your question is i dont know your skill level - but you code looks "normal" to me the indention is kinda off - but that could be because the way you posted the code, i would change that to make the code more readable to make it more readable instead of doing something like x+=1; you could just do ++x; or x++; you could use template literals to make the string concatination a bit easier to read alert("Value in the text box is: " + enteredNum); alert(`Value in the text box is: ${enteredNum}` );
  2. Mathrandom() * 1 is equal to Mathrandom() so you can remove the neutral element (1) ``` if enteredNum == RandNum; score +=1; ``` the score is always added, because the body of the if-evaluation is empty it should be ``` if (enteredNum == RandNum){ score +=1; } ``` if enteredNum == RandNum; will be the reason you cant reach the alert just a hint, press ?F12? and you will get developer tools
  3. the laptop has 4gb of ram i think i primarily want to use it to parsec into my main pc so i dont really want to buy new ram for it isnt there an easy way to get the wifi driver for mac books? i really would pref a light weight os over w10
  4. Mac OS is terriable compared to everything i ever used as i already wrote, i wanted to use Linux Mint but i couldnt get the WiFi to work
  5. Hello Guys, i've got an Old Mac Book ~2012. The Laptop takes a few minutes to boot, and opening any app takes minutes. Im just Using this Laptop to Run Parsec and Controll my PC. When im at the Stage where im Connected to my PC the Harddrive is no longer a Problem and its quite snappy. Ive got an old 120GB SSD laying around, i want to install a new OS on the Machine so that i can use it for light Browsing and connecting to my PC. I already tried Linux Mint, but i couldnt get the Wifi-Drivers to work. Could you guys recommend any OS / Linux Distro for this kinda ta
  6. price to performance 3700x 3700x has lower tdp and close freq.
  7. after seeing the current (my monitor just got upgrade) video - maybe something like how to create your own monitor stand? some crazy 3x monitor DIY / selfmade stand on the cheap?
  8. TL;DR its called webscrabbing insta will most likely block bots, therefore you maybe should take a look at some libs. like: https://github.com/instagrambot/instabot to see if your behaviour (e.g. downloading images) is supported maybe that helps it would be even better if insta has an api and some one already wrote a wrapper for it but i dont think that they (insta) would publish any kind of API-Endpoint where you can just download pictures if they dont have an api, and there is no lib that does what you want a
  9. i wouldnt buy sd cards with OS preinstalled (its like buying a prebuild) 99.9% it will be as expensive as any other "good" 4gb sd card but they use a cheap one to make up for the lost time (installing os) and there could be maleware or something like that preinstalled just get a good class 10 card and install it yourself just google "installing (the OS you want to use) raspberry pi zero" googleing "ENC28J60 raspberry pi zero" gave me several hits i get alot of german tutorials if youre top results are also mostly german you can try "raspberry pi E
  10. yes: https://www.raspberrypi.org/documentation/configuration/wireless/headless.md yes, but you can use a shield aswell ( https://www.amazon.de/GeeekPi-ENC28J60-Netzwerk-Adapter-Modul-Raspberry-Ethernet/dp/B0788N3TFK ) [i dont know how well both variants perform, but google is your friend] if the operating system you want to install is under ~3.5gb you should be fine, so 4 gb should be "enough" if you just use it for pihole but you should still consider speed of the card just check if they are certified for the pi zero https://www.amazon.d
  11. dunno if they have a app but i really like protonvpn if you really have good reason to using a VPN i would pay for it if you dont pay for it you are the product
  12. could could install it on your own pc and see if the connection is getting disconnected otherwise you could make her screenshots step, by step how she has to install the software shouldnt take to long either
  13. maybe try something like: https://chocolatey.org/packages/malwarebytes its like apt-get but windows compatible
  14. depending on the codec the video is using you HAVE TO re-render it you can use ffmpeg to trim videos, if you know how to script you could even make a script that does multiple videos after each other ==>