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Facebook URL block

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Hi, so we have a user at work whose constantly on her personal Facebook which is not allowed, so I'm looking for a way to block the user from accessing her personal Facebook account. There's a catch though, URL's for Facebook should still work because she has to maintain the Facebook profile of the business so that can't be blocked. So only her profile should be blocked and not all URL's containing the word Facebook. 


Thank you in advance. 

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I don't think you're going to be able to do that via a security policy even with a security appliance using signatures to track Facebook logins.  The profile login process is the same I believe (in terms of back end, it's just a different type of profile).  If you blocked personal Facebook login via a security policy you would probably block access to the business profile.  Someone else please correct me if I'm wrong.


You may need something more hands on...like, use your personal Facebook profile at work repeatedly after being told not to, get fired.  Record screen activity after expressly telling her that you are doing so (or whatever is allowed in your country in that regard) to verify.  Your user doesn't have any reason to complain when the user has already shown they can't be trusted to follow the rules.

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This sounds more like HR issue than anything else.

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