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Dell 7577 Freezing up after Liquid Metal and Thermal Pad Replacement.

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Hello all how are you? I am a bit stumped here as I applied liquid metal (thermal grizzly conductonaut) and changed out the thermal pads to .3 FujuPoly Extreme pads. I used acrylic conformal coating and super 33+ tape so I do not believe there is a short as i double checked with a black light to make sure that everything was protected before i put on the tape. This worked fine originally but, I was worried that .3 would not be thick enough, so I opened up the laptop again, and applied the same type of thermal pads but a 1.0 on top of the .3. After I did this the laptop would boot up fine but after 10 min or so it would freeze up and I would have to reboot, however, temperatures are fine. I got worried that maybe 1.3 was too thick so I am waiting on .5 pads, I regret second guessing my self. Also, only half of the keyboard is lit up, but the ribbon cables look tight. Any ideas on what could be going on?

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