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Slow wifi problem

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Posted · Original PosterOP

Hello guys 👋 

i have a problem with my wifi speed,

my internet speed is 100mb down 3mb up (yes, crappy ADSL, optic fiber technology is still not available in my area)

on LAN i am getting around 94mb down and 2mb up,

because i have a big house the wifi is divided by 3, one modem (the main hub) which i am getting wifi speed of 70-90mb, second extender which i am getting around 90mb and 3rd router which i am getting full speed using LAN but only 10-30mb on wifi, i tried reseting it and disconnect everything on the network but with no avail …

i tried contacting my internet provider tech support but they couldn’t figure out what the problem is, they told me i might have a problem with my router but they cant help because i bought it by myself


 I really need some help before i buy a new router 


thanks guys and happy weekend !




My main PC :

CPU : i5 7500 || RAM : 16GB || GPU : GTX 1070TI


CPU : i5 9400F || RAM : 16GB || GPU : RTX 2060Super


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For the record, that's definitely not ADSL as ADSL2+ tops out at 24Mbit.  Most likely its VDSL, although that upload speed is unusually low.


We really need to know what routers you are using here and ideally if you have them configured as Access Points or are doing some horrible double or even triple NAT by plugging them in via their WAN ports.

Modems: 2 x VMG3925-B10B V5.13(AAVF.12)C0-jumbo
Router: i5-7200U appliance running pfSense.
ISP: Zen Unlimited Fibre 2 + Plusnet Unlimited Fibre Extra. (~60Mbit each)

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