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  1. This is a one year old bullid, the card was in there from day 1, its the first time such thing happening so thats a little bit odd
  2. This was my first thought but when I used the GPU on another computer to see if its a faulty GPU everything worked fine including the option to control the fans, so it's a bit weird
  3. hi guys i have a strange problem with my other PC, when windows starts the GPU fans start spinning at 100%, i tried using Gigabyte Aorus engine or MSI afterburner but i cant control the GPU fans, 0 effect on them i unplugged the GPU and tried it on another PC and it works, there i can control the fans and the problem does not exist, so its not a GPU problem when i uninstall NVIDIA driver the fans stop running but as soon as i install the driver again the problem is back when i turn on the PC and go to BIOS it works normally PC Specs : CPU : i5 9400F ||
  4. Thanks ! My cpu only supports 2400 MHz (i5 7500) thanks anyway !
  5. Now i am more confused, which model do you recommend ? HyperX HX424C15FB3AK2/32 HyperX HX424C12PB3K2/32 HyperX HX424C15FBK2/32
  6. Hello i want to upgrade my pc and i am looking for a new RAM, 16x2 (for 3d render), and i want to know which is better HyperX HX424C15FB3AK2/32 HyperX HX424C12PB3K2/32 HyperX HX424C15FBK2/32 higher cl is better or lower ? Thanks !
  7. So basically what you are saying that i can try using hdmi 2.0 and it will work ?
  8. So what can i do if i want full HDR experience and i don’t have DP connection on my TV ?
  9. Will DP to hdmi cable or adapter work ?
  10. ? hi i have a weird problem, my new pc is connected to a 4k 49” Samsung q60R tv via an HDMI cable, i have i5 9400f cpu and RTX 2060super gpu, i get 4K but i cant turn on HDR on windows 10 setting, the screen does support HDR (using HDR with ps4) What can be the problem ? thanks
  11. so in other words its perfectly normal ?
  12. hot to touch, the lid is burning