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Best camera settings?

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Posted · Original PosterOP

As the title suggests, i recently got a "Firefly 7S" which is suppose to be a cheaper GoPro alternative.

I'm not very familiar with high resolutions as i've only played games on a resolution that my monitor allows which is 1080P but that is off topic.


I was just wondering, what's better.. "2.5K 30FPS" or "2160P 24FPS".

Just trying to get the best quality out of my videos. 


**********************If you're not too busy, what settings should i go with?********************

Loop Recording: On/Off

Time-lapse: 0.5 Seconds - 1 Minute

Auto Recording: On/Off

Video Voice: On/Off

WDR: On/Off

Diving Mode: On/Off (not sure what this does)

Remove Fisheye: On/Off (I kinda like the fisheye effect, looks cool i guess)

Motion Detection: On/Off

Nightmode: On/Off

Bitrate: On/Off

Date stamp: On/off (i prefer not watermarks)

Angle: Large/Medium/Small

Size File: On/Off

AE/AWB Lock: AE Lock, AWB Lock, and AE/AWB Lock (i dont know what these do)

Slow motion: On/Off (wont be using this one)

Frame preferred: On/Off




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 "2.5K 30FPS" or "2160P 24FPS "


The answer to this is it depends.


2160P 24FPS means 3840 x 2160 resolution at 24 FPS - this resolution is "UHD 4K" - though please note that UHD 4K can be at any framerate.


2.5K 30 FPS means 2560 x 1440 resolution at 30 FPS - this resolution is commonly referred to as 1440p.


So the real answer is it depends on what you're filming, and what you want out of it. the 4K resolution is inherently higher, and therefore will produce better individual frames. However, there will be less of them. If you're doing "talking head" static content, or slow moving pans, glory shots (close ups, etc), and so on, the 4K is likely the better choice. The 24 FPS is also "more cinematic" - which isn't inherently better, but does produce a different visual look, with more motion blur.


On the flip side, 1440p at 30 FPS will produce lower resolution but higher (slightly) framerates. This is standard TV Broadcast framerate (whereas 24 FPS is standard Cinema Movie framerate). If you're shooting more action or fast paced content, it will benefit from the extra 6 FPS.

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There are no "best settings"


They're all there for a reason. Experiment, learn, look up what they do if you can't figure it out. Once you understand what each setting is for you'll be able to set up your camera to do what you want for a given shooting scenario. 

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