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  1. It's listed under a few different names but searching "steel perforated angle" will find what you're looking for
  2. It is entirely subjective and up to you to decide when you're overdoing it or not. As you develop your skills your preferences and eye for editing will also change. When I look back at photos I made from years ago I often find that my editing was significantly more heavy handed than I do now. Not to say they were badly edited, my preferences have just changed. You can also share photos on places like reddit r/photoctrique or r/analog for feedback from others.
  3. All images be it film, digital scan of film, or digital photographs are simply representations of reality. By editing the image you are not defiling it, just tuning the image to match what you see in your mind. This could be a skew of reality, or in your case a close representation of reality. Nonetheless it's up to you to edit the image to match your vision. As for how to edit, I assume you are looking to edit the digital films scans and not chemical darkroom editing which is a whole different world. For digital editing there are many tutorials and courses online for a variety of
  4. I can't see the images so I can't estimate the grade, but ballpark $30-40 for one in good condition https://www.pcgs.com/coinfacts/coin/1922-1/7357
  5. I always purchase from Amazon Warehouse if there is a decent discount and more often than not receive a new product with just damaged packing. A few times I received actually damaged products or ones with missing accessories in which case I evaluate if I think it is worth the discount. If not I return it with no loss to me. One non-tangible thing to consider is warranty. Most manufactures will not honor warranty on Amazon Warehouse products since they are effectively second hand. For small things this doesn't matter to me, but something I do consider for larger purchases.
  6. Patents and Copyright are distinctly different. Copyright protects things which are made. Everything you or I make is protected under copyright automatically. There is no requirement to register or submit for protections, though doing so can provide some benefit. A copyrighted work can be licensed for use by others. Licenses like the Creative Commons licenses are simply convenient standards which verbosely allow usage of a work with stated limitations. You can write your own license if none of the standard ones fulfill your needs. Patents protect ideas. There is no req
  7. Window AC > Portable AC The Best Portable Air Conditioner | Reviews by Wirecutter
  8. If you're just organizing by date and want to be professional, utilize one of the ISO 8601 formats
  9. Do you mean soldering iron? For assembling electronics. Welders are for fusing steel, aluminum, etc. You're not going find a welder for less than a few hundred. Particularly after you purchase all the extra equipment like gas, helmet etc.
  10. I agree it doesn't look great but after having dug a little deeper I think this is actually a good thing. By "allowing use in Shorts" you are not relinquishing copyright, only granting permission to use. In the guidelines for creating a Short, users are warned about using content which they do not have copyright for and as far as I can tell Shorts are protected by the same Content ID system as all other YouTube videos. So if someone utilizes copyrighted content in their Short and the copyright holder doesn't like this, the Short can be taken down just like any other video.
  11. You need to post what lenses you have, or at least post better photos which show the model identifiers
  12. The Nikon D50 isn't worth much at this point. Maybe $50 if you can find a buyer. The two digital lenses appear to be Nikon 18-200mm f/3.5-5.6 (mounted on the camera in the provided image) and the Nikon 18-70mm f/3.5-4.5. Both of these are good lenses and have some value. $250 for the 18-200 and $60 for the 18-70. The other lenses are all vintage manual focus lenses. From the images I cannot identify any of them though many old Nikon lenses have some value up to a few hundred dollars. If you just want to offload this gear easily, you can sell to B&H, Ado
  13. Personally I dislike the way the photography community understands sensor size and in particular dislike the term "35 mm equivalent." So here's my attempt to better explain it. A lens is just a lens. By itself a lens projects an image onto a focal plane (i.e where the sensor goes). The focal length determines the plate scale of the image, i.e. one degree of FOV corresponds to 1 mm on the focal plane. The aperture stop determines how much light passes through the lens and thus the brightness of the projected image. The aperture stop also determines the depth of field by blocking off
  14. Yes, the average hash rate should stabilize and be fairly close to the reported rate (within ~5 MH/s). It will still vary some but only if it is consistently low should you be concerned.
  15. What is your average hash rate on Ethermine after 24+ hours of consistent mining? The current hash rate will go up and down as it is calculated from the actual completion of valid shares. This number is affected by discovery of a block, network speed (stale shares), luck, difficulty etc. My own rate at Ethermine varies from 25 MH/s to 50+ MH/s.