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  1. Cordless tools are so good now that I don't see any real advantage to having 12V corded power tools. If you need more power, 12V is going to be the limitation. There are some corded low voltage specialty tools. Proxxon has a small lineup. Though these are intended for precision in-shop work, the benefit being a smaller more manageable tool in the hand with power management on the bench.
  2. There are tons of twists, mods, and mini games you can try. Here are a few of my favorites: - SkyBlock (preferably the original, more difficult version) - Randomized Loot Tables - Randomized Crafting Recipes - Fundy's Impossible Difficulty modes - Bed Wars - Death Swap
  3. NASA Technology Readiness Level Guidelines NASA uses TRL ratings to qualify hardware for missions. For a high value mission like Perseverance NASA won't accept anything less than TRL-9 (maybe TRL-8) for any critical hardware, e.g. primary computer. Most COTS hardware, even stuff designed for spaceflight, is only TRL-4 until picked up for a mission. It often takes years just to complete the validation to reach flight readiness not including the time needed to redesign when the hardware does not pass. Interestingly though, the Ingenuity helicopter, being purely experimental, car
  4. To me the higher frame rate clips are easily discernible and less preferred. In the higher frame rate clips I notice motion more clearly and it breaks the immersion of the moment. For example in the first few seconds of the quiet clip, my eyes are immediately drawn to her eye lids when she blinks and it looks unnaturally fast in the high frame rate clip and ruins the mood. All I notice is how quickly she opened her eyes rather than the calming mood the picture conveys. As others has pointed out it definitely has to do with what we are accustomed to. Though I argue there is an actu
  5. Yes doing actual work will yield more money, but that it only works if a) one doesn't already have a regular job b) the odd jobs are consistently available to earn $1500 Besides the initial cost, the barrier to entry for mining is extremely low. I'd argue much lower than the time and effort to find enough odd jobs to earn $1500. Once you have the card it's literally printing money. Sure the price of ETH could crash but historically it's rather stable and on par with many high earning stocks. Particularly with the profit margins so high right now it would have to fall sign
  6. It's not a terrible plan, that's why so many miners are doing it right now. The risk however is that the value of what you mine (likely ETH) could crash before you finish earning back the money. Why are you doing calculations with Bitcoin? No one mines Bitcoin anymore because its difficulty is too high and it's not profitable. However, many other crypto currencies are very profitable right now. https://minerstat.com/hardware/nvidia-rtx-3090
  7. There are many obvious impracticalities with mirror armor, but perhaps the biggest issue will be dust. With high powered lasers the optics need to be extremely clean, even a small amount of dust will burn. The burning dust subsequently ruins the mirror's coating which then darkens and absorbs more laser energy, which in turn darkens the mirror more and absorbs more energy and so on... Unless your mirror armor will be used in a clean room, I doubt it will be very effective.
  8. If it works, it works. But dunking the card in vinegar was definitely not the right thing to do and likely ruined the card. Vinegar is a solution of acetic acid. The vinegar likely made its way under the plastic housing and soaked the internal chips and circuitry. When the card dried (it might not have under the plastic) it left the acetic acid behind in crystalized form. Even though nominally dry, the acid will continue to corrode the circuitry.
  9. Wow there are many malinformed statements in this thread. Here is the actual text defining what a Design Patent is per the US Patent Office: https://www.uspto.gov/web/offices/pac/mpep/s1502.html Patents are written to be specific to the item being protected but are excessively verbose to claim every individual part of the item. Each claim is also worded to be wildly ambiguous to allow the inventor the most flexibility when pursuing possible infringement. The PS5 design (including the side panels) are definitely covered by a patent. The fact that the
  10. Fully animated movies, like those made by Pixar, are rendered on what are essentially supercomputers (i.e. render farms of thousands of GPUs and FPGAs). So for 'realism' or quality of image, animated movies are an excellent example of what such a game would look like. However for a game with interactivity there are a some obstacles. The first being that the individual frames need to be rendered fast enough to be displayed in real time. In theory with enough computing power this is doable but there may be a limit of parrallelization (i.e. adding more computing cores doesn't actually
  11. As @AngryBeaver surmised, I just used the 3090 as an example. Doing the same math with 1080s yields ~30.5 million of them. I predict it'd be hard to find that many GPUs in the hands of the general public.
  12. Fair warning: I am not a crypto expert so some of my understanding could be erroneous. To be profitable, a GPU must produce more value than it costs electricity to run. The profit ratio is the profit divided by the cost to run. If the difficulty to mine were to double, the profit ratio would halve due to the time to mine doubling and the cost to run effectively doubling. To make the crypto miners abandon GPUs, they need to become no longer profitable, i.e a profit ratio of 1 or less. More realistically, the profit ratio doesn't need to be that low as the general busine
  13. As someone who lives minimally and sorta tried the no furniture thing here's my advice. Don't try to plan ahead and furnish the whole place. Move in with nothing. Wait for your needs to become apparent and make deliberate purchases to satisfy those needs. After a few years you will probably have purchased several pieces of furniture but only those which are actually necessary. - If you're not already knowledgeable, it is time to learn about room treatments. - That's up to you. Decorations? A good chair? - If you want guests to be comfortable sleeping over, a guest room
  14. Send a message to LMG and ask: https://linusmediagroup.com/contact-us IIRC, Linus has said he is friendly to others utilizing LTT media and ideas in their own creations as long as it isn't malicious
  15. So everything would be fine if NVIDIA denied to blacklist HUB for the same reason ("editorial differences") but didn't tell anyone? To me that is worse. Either way NVIDIA is selecting their preferred reviewers that will publish what they want.