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All videos stutter, not games

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Posted · Original PosterOP

I do get stuttering games, but that it is the games that I play and their optimization.


All videos Youtube, twitch are really stutterery and bitty, the playback is not smooth. I have DDu'd drivers etc and it's the same. I haven't re-installed windows yet.


What is going on, could a faulty Gpu exhibit this behavior?



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i've had similar issues in the past when i was on win7. I usually had to play with the hardware acceleration settings in my browser. In win10, i haven't had this issue but i'm assuming its an acceleration issue. Try going into settings and turning hardware acceleration on or off depending what it was before

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Posted · Original PosterOP

So it seems to be way worse when moving my mouse.


This video is perfectly smooth but when I move my cursor it gets stuttey?

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How many browsers have you tested? Does changing playback related settings change anything? What is the bitrate and format of those videos and what are your specs? Does it do the same if you play the video locally with different players?

I think it is a software problem, but there's not enough info.

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