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    Ryzen 2700x
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    X470-F Gaming
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    Team Dark Pro 2x8gb 3400mhz CL14
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    EVGA 1080 Ti SC Black
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    Meanit 5 PM - DIY mesh front panel
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    3x I dont remember - 128gb sata m.2 + 2x1tb hdd
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    Corsair SF600
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    Dell S2817Q + LG i dont remember & don't want to look at the back of it
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    EKWB Open Loop
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    cheapo logitech
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    cheapo logitech
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    Bose QC 35 II + Sony HiFi MHC-EC909iP
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    Win 10 Home Premium
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  1. I have a small 120gb ssd for OS, boot order is set for that first. E:/ drive is mostly as backup and random nonsense
  2. My E: drive is an old 5400 RMP i ripped out of a laptop when i put an SSD in. It's starting to die buy i mostly use it as backup and non-essential software anyways. It's starting to fail, some files are already inaccessible, but that's okay (everything i need is backed up). I tried unplugging the drive before boot, because it takes a while with the drive connected. However, my PC wouldn't boot and gave me errors when this drive was disconnected. There's nothing on this drive related to the OS. Why wouldn't it boot without it?
  3. 2133 is the slowest speed for ddr4 memory available. If you upgrade somewhere around 3200-3600mhz memory, it should help significantly with performance. also, some games don't have proper driver support yet, so this could also impact performance
  4. thats very slow memory. if xmp can reach 3200 mhz, it'll be a huge improvement. i think 3950x recommends 3600mhz
  5. i researched it a bit myself, and it seems that i'm stuck with low quality audio over bluetooth if i want to have the mic on. I could get better quality with a cable, but defeats the wireless feature i've come to love
  6. I have a pair of bose QC 35 ii's that i really enjoy. the audio is great when set to "stereo", but i can only get the input microphone to work when set to "hands-free AG audio", and this has really low quality output audio. The audio hasn't been a problem for discord or zoom calls, but the low quality is very noticeable in games. any suggestions?
  7. Good point. i doubt i could get a 3070 at launch, and its one reason why i'm waiting for AIBs. Moneys been tough for everyone lately, if there's a market willing to pay 350, i'm willing to take it. I couldn't buy a 3070 without selling my current gpu right now, but like you said 2020 s been a rough ride. I want to spoil myself a little
  8. I have a 1080ti and plan to upgrade to a 3070 when they release, (might wait for AIB cards, but depends on advice) currently based on ebay prices, a 1080ti can sell for ~$350 USD, but i expect those prices to drop after nvidia 3000 series launches. I'd like to get as much as i can for the 1080ti, but since I'm using a 2700x, i need a gpu to run my pc. I need my pc, and can't rely on just a laptop for work. My current thoughts are selling my gpu now and buying a cheap gpu off amazon (possibly returning it later), or just holding my gpu until 3070 releases, and losing whatever ext
  9. i know.. guess i'm just skeptical about how much more performance i'll get.. can probably still sell the 1080ti for ~$250-300 USD so 3070 wouldn't cost me too much.. just dont let spending money these days with all the uncertainty of the current world
  10. i plan to wait for reviews, but i also don't want to wait so long everything is sold out, and i have to buy aftermarket. 3060 is a thought but i have the budget for a 3070, and the sound of it outperforming a 2080 sounds good to me
  11. i play on a 4k 60fps monitor, mostly enjoy single player rpg games. I'm mostly happy with my 1080ti, but for some games, i can't get all of the details i want and still have around 50+ fps. I want to wait for reviews and AIB cards, but would this be a reasonable upgrade, or should i still wait for next gen? using a 2700x, i might get next gen ryzen eventually, because i theoretically can keep the same motherboard (x470), but in 4k the gpu is doing most of the heavy lifting anyway. 2700x is still more than plenty in all applications i use. thoughts?
  12. its just integrated graphics, intel UHD 620. not even gaming, just relaxed stream, but can try software x264, thank you!
  13. i5 8250u. getting a "high cpu usage detected", but i'd figure even an i5 is enough to just stream. I'm very unfamiliar with streaming, brief tips for encoding?
  14. A friend of mine started streaming. insisted on getting a laptop over a desktop (asus zenbook), but now is having stuttering. internet speeds are good (94 mbps upload). I'm wondering if a capture card would help, or if the Intel 620 is the real probelm