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Windows update prompt

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Posted · Original PosterOP

Hey everyone,  I am currently having an issue with a couple of computers (one Windows 7 and one Windows 10 respectively)  that have some sort of issue with the Windows update service.  Both of these computers have that "Restart your computer to finish installing important updates" prompt.  The issue is that they have both been restarted multiple times and the prompt still does not go away.  It is also important to note that both of these computers are fully updated, even with updates from online.
I have tried;

1. Editing the registry

2. Commands in Command Prompt

3. Windows Update troubleshooter

None of these have worked.


This problem has been going on for a while now and I really need to get it fixed, does anyone have any ideas on how I could do this?


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Clean install?

Pc Specadoodles:

CPU: Ryzen 3 1200

motorbored: ASRock B450 Steel Legend

Graphics: MSI Armor RX 470

Memeory-Rams: 8GB DDR4 Viper Patriot 2400

HDD: 1 TB Hitachi Mechanical

SSD’s: 256GB 860 EVO, 128GB 850 PRO

PheadHones: Logitech G430's

Keybored: Logitech G413 Carbon

Moose: Steelseries Rival 110

Monitor: 1600x900 21.5 " Gateway monitor. Running at 1080p

PSU: 700W ThermalTake Smart RGB

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Posted · Original PosterOP
2 minutes ago, GrockleTD said:

Clean install?

These computers are at a client and are constantly in use so I would rather not do a clean install.

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I'd start by checking out your events on each machine. Did you clear out the Downloaded software cache? Id also uninstall all the updates that have been installed since the start of the issue. Also clear out all temp data by running disk clean up as the local admin. The built in Disk cleanup gets rid of all the junks. Alot more than ccleaner. Also check the health of the drives. Might be trying to install the updates to a bad sectors. And then also look threw any documentation for any specialize software they have. See if there might be an issues with any windows updates. 

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