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As a tech guy, I watch a lot of these events like Apple, Samsung, etc.


This month around, it was Samsung UNPACKED. There was a whole lot to watch for here.


This shall be a long member review.


The Samsung Galaxy Fold was the first released product.



Here it is in action.




What I first thought about Galaxy Fold was the bulky ness when folded in smartphone mode.  It was very thick.  Anyways, the tablet view was actually a nice implementation.  As Samsung was saying it though, this thing is very futuristic and the other guys trying to develop it were not doing a good job.  Another thing to point out however, is the only small amount of screen space taken up in the folded view.  There’s a whole lot of phone, but less screen than noticeable.

observe in the following picture with markup.


I know it’s sloppy


Then, they showed us the Galaxy S10 family.



Most of the talk was about the S10 plus, and the S10e wasn’t really mentioned.

The plus model boasted reverse wireless charging and the regular S10 ans S10Plus both contain ultrasonic fingerprint sensing inside the front screen.  A problem for case makers.  One cannot talk about a phone without talking about a display though.  The S10, S10e, and S10Plus all have the Infinity O display which features a cutout hole in the front screen to house the selfie cam.  This technology takes on the notch, today’s standard for housing selfie cameras and other front facing necessities.   My thoughts on the Infinity O display is that there still is a lot of unused screen real estate.  It is better than the notch but in my opinion it’s not a champion or anything people won’t complain about.  


Notice how all the wallpapers sort of hide that cutout.


After the hubbub about the S10, Samsung went out to spill the beans on the already confirmed new wearables lineup.

Including Galaxy Buds, which take on AirPods.

samsung has not boasted on how their sound quality defeats the others, so I’m skeptical.  Sound on the Buds is AVG, and apparently they do appear to look better than AirPods.  Another great thing about them is that they charge right on the S10’s back.  They’ve really gone bananas with the yellow Galaxy Buds. They will indeed come free with S10 preorders.(citation needed)



There was not much talk about the wearables this time around
Wait....there was another phone?


This one, making it the fifth phone at the release, was a 5G version of the S10, for now dubbed GalaxyS105G.

Long name.



I believe I see 4 back cameras here.


After the initial Galaxy S10 5G unvieling, the conpany went on to talking on how it has paved the way for 5G and even brought Verizon's CEO to talk about it.  And that was it. A good event all things considered.


Galaxy Fold

The Galaxy fold in my opinion will not be for everyone.  It's price at a starting point of $1980 will not get it off the shelves. I don't think we'll see the era of consumers paying close to 2000 for a phone. Its design did not impress me much either. When in tablet, its ok, but when in phone, there is too much thickness and too little screen.


Galaxy S10

The S10 in my opinion will get the most sales.  Its not super but its not that bad either.  It still has a whopping 3 back cameras and more screen real estate in its Infinity O Display.


Galaxy S10Plus

This one is for the guy who wants it all.  Two selfie cameras, a huge screen, better sound and its for the enthusiastic user.


Galaxy S10E

The S10E did not get much attention at Unpacked except for being "Josh's favorite".  The S10E is a useful iPhone XR competitor.  Its for the guy who wants it but not all of it.  The differences are only two back cameras, and a back fingerprint scanner.  If I was in the market for a Galaxy I get this.


GalaxyS10 5G

From what I understood here, this guy is the real whopper.  It supports 5G and has an unconfirmed four back cameras.



Galaxy Buds

Airpods has met its match.  There has been alot if Airpods competitors but never from a big company like Samsung.  While I don't think it will sell as well as Apple's wireless earphones, it will get to the point that Apple will rush to develop Airpods 2 and will strengthen the war between Samsung and Apple.  With more color options, it will take Airpods head on.



Wearables was something that Apple really dominates. Yet at Unpacked, Sansung took on Apple and Fitbit with the Galaxy Watch Active and Galaxy Watch Fit.  The former is an Apple Watch alternative. The Fit is a Fitbit alternative.  Not as high and mighty as the phones, but still something that will boost marketshare.



This event surprised me in some ways. I wasn't expecting the 5G and folding phone. Yet, the Apple events are more focused on specs and hardware as well as software than Samsung is.  They utilize the time of the event better than Samsungs unvielings.  Still, that aside, Unpacked was enjoyable and imformative and is a big step from Samsung last year.



Thats it.

It took longer to create this topic than the event itself. Hehe


BlankFace Says so.

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