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Pick up Full HD 27" monitor for everyday home&working purpose

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Posted · Original PosterOP
I've writted down long post, but possible information about monitor type of I choosing will helps not only me.
Well, I'm choose Full HD 27" monitor for home/work/media purposes exclude games. For long hours work in a budget segment under 200-230$.
I picked up on these models which are well reviewd and have ok and good reviews for theirs price and does not have critical negative feedbacks. All models with Flicker-Free tech.
DELL SE2717H sRGB 95% Bright 300  Contrast 1000:1 Dynamic 8M:1
DELL SE2719H NTSC 72% Bright 300  Contrast 1000:1 Dynamic -
SE2717H in many reviews mentioned as gamer monitor for FreeSync technology and 75Hz work available.
Of course, it have IPS glow effect, may be little splashes on white background but it's relative and even with these effects many of people ranked it as 4 and 5 stars.
Pretty beautiful look. Difference between this two models almost nothing. And despite on later marking (19 and 17) I think 17th would be better from this two (I heard sRGB for every day basic uses is slightly better).
AOC I2775PQU (no gamut info) Bright 300  Contrast 1000:1 Dynamic 50M:1
AOC I2790VQ/BT 100% sRGB Bright 250  Contrast 1000:1 Dynamic 100M:1
Well welcomed monitors in reviews and feedbacks. Both are have vertical customization.
We have pretty strong mediocre ASUS.
ASUS VC279H sRGB 91% Bright 250 кд Contrast 1000:1 Dynamic 80M:1
Also I've found on some other monitor with lable DESIGNO MONITOR with extremely beautiful look.
ASUS MX279HE sRGB 97.5% Contrast 1000:1 Dynamic 100M:1
Information about this model coming up in april 2018 so it's relatively new.
Not many reviews on YouTube and internet, but it has very good reviews and feedback on little more expensive brother on this monitor, is ASUS MX279-H.
Last is Philips, 
which is brand as I been heard has been sold to the asian company and if believe in gossiping they do not really do well with this brand in terms of quality. But I dont know well.
Philips 273V7QDSB Bright 250 Contrast 1000:1 Dynamic 100M:1
I prefer to buy AOC'es , but which is one I dont know because of one have more brightless but another one have more dynamic contrast. In reviews they are much equal. 
I can buy DELL, but I heard some people really don't like DELL production.
Also, for a exotic choose we have cheaper version (I believe so) of ASUS monitor which is labeled as DESIGNO MONITOR.
Could you please me with some help on it? I do not ask you for make decision for me, but if you can recommence some of this models, or vice versa cut some models off it would be great.
Or at least you can point me on what kind of version should I rely on choosing monitor.
All links for specification:
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