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New cpu cooler

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Posted · Original PosterOP

(Dare to ask)


I got a new gpu in my pc but now my cpu goes to 88°C.. so i need a better cooler in there... 

I'm really new to all of this and i can't find a really good tutorial on internet about this subject.


Is there anything i need to look out for particulairy/general? 



I got a intel i7 2600k 1155pin on a ASrock B75M-GL 


Thanks in advance


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if the temps started going up because you added a more powerful gpu, I'd say you need to improve the case ventilation. the new gpu is releasing more heat into the case making your cpu cooler less efficient. crank up the case fans first and see what affect that has. if that helps, then add another case fan or 2 if you'd like just to reduce the noise. if that still doesn't get your temps where you want them, then I would get a better cpu cooler. or you could always just go straight to a better cpu cooler, but from what you've said i think the case ventilation would have a bigger impact on temps (so long as your cpu temps were fine before the gpu swap)

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Posted · Original PosterOP

i don't really have any more connectors left in my motherboard to add more fans.. is adding a better CPU cooler then a better option? Maybe on the back to get more air out with a water system cooler like a Masterliquid ML120L RGB maybe? 


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