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The Psychedelic Machine!

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Dat coolant looks amazing, nice build! 

[spoiler=Current Rig:]i5-4670K @ 4.4 Ghz on 1.3v | MSI Z87I | GTX 780 @ 1150 Mhz | 2x8GB ADATA XPG | Samsung 840 250GB SSD | CM V700 PSU | Custom Watercooled in a Caselabs S3

[spoiler=Peripherals:]Mad Catz R.A.T. 7 | Corsair K70 | Sennheiser Urbanite headphones | Corsair Vengeance MM200 | Asus PB278Q + Samsung 22"


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I think you pulled off three colors for this build, great balance. Good job !

I dream of 0s and 1s folding to my every command,

algorithms seeping from the back of my head when I need them.

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