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  1. If I want to support far more than any of this options I can just donate and pay for the fees as I've done before. This cosmetics dells like just a way to make eyecandy for kids so they can spam on chat. Twitch gets plenty of revenue from advertisers already but maybe Adpocalipse has something to do with those new features they are making.
  2. So they are locking a cool feature that everyone could use because of greed? I never Subscribe, never bought bits or acquired them but for the streamers I support I enable Ads. Instead of letting everyone cheer with cool Halloween emotes they ask money for it... shitty more Twitch and Amazon, shitty move.
  3. I was forced to sign-in to update my Xbox one controller firmware since I had huge imput lag when wireless and to add Reddit RES extension to Edge =/
  4. Why would I register on a website to use a freaking headphone?! Shitty products (for its price), shitty company, shitty actions. Great job Bose!
  5. You might want to check that spelling, I think you meant "compatible"? It might work for Ryzen but you'll probably need to buy or ask Corsair for a CPU bracket that will fit on Ryzen mother boards since they are quite different from AM3/AM3+ and intel LGAs
  6. Ya, I'm an insider too but after a few glitches I didn't want to participate anymore. I was tired of having my computer frozen.
  7. 3vitor

    Twitch starts selling Games

    Wow this would be really dumb move by Twitch/Amazon. If they lock the games on their desktop app I would not play it. I have a few games locked on U-play and EA launcher (don't know the name) that I refuse to play at all. I don't have and SSD anymore and I don't want 4+ game launchers running on my machine.
  8. @GoodBytes What would you say for those who want something stable? Should I wait for a few updates of Creators or I should be getting it right now?
  9. The guy literally support a lot of indie games that deserve to be recognized. Of course there will be exception since this area is too fucking big tho
  10. Can't wait to play soccer with those huge printed ads on the grass...
  11. 3vitor

    Intel's 10nm Explained

    This could be a great topic for TechQuickie. If someone tag the right people I would appreciate. I have no idea what their names are in here.
  12. Because they put their felling on their claims without bringing little to no proof of such hate and expect us to support them on their irrational war against others. If someone really hates the job those people are doing why don't make a change and try to do what they do but better? Nah... It's just easier to hate and call them out because you don't agree with them on some game related aspects or not. I really appreciate what Valve is doing as a company. They are trying to reach content creators to get some view out of their bubble. Shows they are at least a little concerned about their community.
  13. Holly Shit! The amount of salt on this thread. Chill out boys
  14. 3vitor

    What's Your MX Switch Preference?

    They ditched Blues because 'gamers' prefer Red and now the the Mx Silent. Only think you can get is Browns but it's really hard to find.
  15. 3vitor

    What's Your MX Switch Preference?

    I gotta say... I don't think Blues are as loud as everyone says. I made a custom board and soldered the board with only Cherry Blues. They fell good, sounds great, their consistency are great and I couldn't be happier. Of course if you use it in a silent environment where most people don't want to be bothered everyone will get annoyed because you are a fucking asshole.