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  • CPU
    AMD Athlon 3000g
  • Motherboard
    Gigabyte A320
  • RAM
    4GB DDR4
  • GPU
    AMD Vega 3 iGPU
  • Case
    Arecool Areo 500 RGB
  • Storage
    250GB SSD, 750GB WD green
  • PSU
    LMS data 700W
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  • Operating System
    Windows 9

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  1. It's been a while since you've been here

  2. Banned for still being at 50gbps instead of 55
  3. Double banned because you're still at 50GBPS and Im at 55
  4. Banned for making 96 people suffer every time you post
  5. Banned because thunderbolt has 20gbps throughput so you're still at 45gbps.
  6. Banned because I also have a PCIe SSD that I can read and write off, and my CPU has a good ipc as well as 4 memory controllers as well as my integrated controllers, so my throughput is higher then yours so my PC is better USB3 Type A speed : 5gbps X 2 controllers = 15gbps USB C speed X no of ports : 10gbps X 4 Total throughput = 55gbps Yours : USB3.0 X2 + USB C X1 = 20gbps
  7. Banned because you don't, I have USB C cards with 2 controllers each so a total throughput of 40gbps Beat that
  8. Banned because your CPU (aka brain) can't keep up with this thread Should'v gone team Red
  9. Banned because my post in tech news got banned
  10. Banned for the same reason you banned me
  11. Banned because if you're naked and outside when it is 36C and assume their is 10mph wind speeds, and your body is producing 200W of heat, you would actually maintain a cool temperature where 39C is considered unbearable
  12. Banned because -100C sucks and summer is good
  13. Banned because you should be banning the other guy as he suggested it is the first day of summer
  14. Banned because I'm being mean and not chill on the first day of summer