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    Washington State
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    PC gaming, PC building, Retro gaming, Linux, Hockey, College Football
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    Database Administrator


  • CPU
    i9 9900k
  • Motherboard
    Asus Maximus XI Formula
  • RAM
    64gb Corsair RGB Pro 3000
  • GPU
    2x RTX 2080 Ti's
  • Case
    Lian Li O11 Dynamic
  • Storage
    512gb M.2 Samsung 970 Pro, 1tb Sata Samsung 960 Evo
  • PSU
    Corsair HX850 Platinum
  • Display(s)
    Acer Preditor 3440x1440 Ultrawide
  • Cooling
    Corsair H115i
  • Keyboard
    Ducky One with PBT keycaps
  • Mouse
    Rereleased Logitech MX518
  • Sound
    Fiio Olympus
  • Operating System
    Manjaro, Windows 10 Professional

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  1. I’ve been checking it for years and never had an issue. Even on private email addresses which never get spam.
  2. With what? They don’t host anything, they just check known lists of compromised site to see if your email address shows up.
  3. lloose

    Do you use a music streaming service?

    I bounce around a lot between services. I think they all have strengths and weaknesses. Slacker Radio: This was the first streaming service I used. Pandora at the time just wasn't that good. Its been bought out by a company who changed it so much that I will never go back. Pandora: Pandora has 5-6 stations that are perfect. After 10 years of thumbs down and up, they have a very good idea of what I like and do a great job of it. The downside is that There is hardly any new music on my stations. They don't stray very far from my thumbs ups. I love it though for just turning it on and listening to music. Not having to search for what I want to listen to is nice. Sound quality is also a huge negative. Its terrible. Spotify: I love the service but hate the interface. I hate how hard it is to find music in my library. I click on library and its just a mess of playlists, albums, and artists. I love the weekly discovery playlist. Out of the 20 or so songs on it every week, I find 3-5 that I end up liking a lot. Apple Music: I like the selection better than Spotify. I hate that they don't account for song versions though. For instance I could be listening to a Red Hot Chili Peppers album. For some random reason, it will play the live version of a song instead of what is supposed to be on the album. I also CANNOT STAND that it screws with my local music library. Replacing songs for whatever reason.
  4. lloose

    Zorin OS 15 core vs Ultimate?

    It's just bundled with more pre configured desktop environments and software. Nothing you couldn't install and set up for free yourself using the free core version. You also get a little support with their install support if you need that. Installation is pretty simple without it. You also are supporting them.
  5. I can vouch for Dell Latitudes and Lenovo thinkpads. Very simple to upgrade too if you wanted to find one with 4–8gb of ram and upgrade it yourself.
  6. lloose

    Which GPU should I get?

    Sure it was released but I can’t find them anywhere.
  7. lloose

    Which GPU should I get?

    You might actually be right. I checked the motherboard on a 3010 and its on the top. OP: Check inside your case. If the larger PCI-E slot is higher than the smaller one, you can get a 1050 or 1650 (when they finally release a half height version).
  8. lloose

    Which GPU should I get?

    OptiPlex 3010 has its 16x slot on the bottom. This means you not only need a half height card, but it also has to be single slot. There are no 6 pins on that power supply and the power supply and motherboard are completely proprietary so you can’t buy a small form factor power supply or case swap the motherboard. The only modern card that will work are single slot low profile gt 1030’s. I have an OptiPlex 3020 that I use as my Plex server. I still need a gpu for hardware acceleration so I’m probably going to buy the mid tower version 3020 since it doesn’t have any proprietary connectors or power supply. I’ll just move what I can over to that.
  9. lloose

    Your FIRST processor?

    It was a 486. I don’t know which model. After that we had a Pentium 33mhz running windows 95. The first CPU in a computer that was mine and not my families was an AMD Duron 1700+. I didn’t know a lot at the time about hardware but this was my gateway into computer hardware. I slowly upgraded what I could. Made some bad mistakes and leaned (like “upgrading” from an ATI 9200 128mb to an NVIDIA 5200 256mb because more memory means faster card right?). First cpu in a build that I did completely by myself was an AMD Athlon 64 2800+.
  10. lloose

    GPU upgrade

    Nice. You're going to love it coming from a 750ti. Put that one up for sale and make a little back.
  11. lloose

    Windows as usual

    Its an activation error. Your Windows probably isn't activated and its attempting to but failing. Could be a number of things from just needing a reboot, to using a pirated OS.
  12. lloose

    my pc not ready for windows 1903 update

    Remove everything you dont critically need from USB. Basically just leave your keyboard and mouse. Its a known issue right now.
  13. I had a similar problem. I burned my ISO to usb using Rufus on Windows. Just about when I was going to give up, I used Etcher to create the ISO USB instead and it worked like a charm. This was after trying Rufus in dd mode too. Give Etcher a shot.
  14. Linux gaming was always a struggle for me until I found POP!_OS. I have a RTX 2080ti so getting drivers installed on most distros was a headache. Distros would rarely work out of the box since most use an older driver, updating the driver would cause black screen boot issues, and once I finally got everything installed and working I had issues saving configs meaning I would have to manually set my display refresh rate and display layout on every reboot. Even then I had screen tearing issues on the desktop which was a huge turn off. This has been going on for years. Then I gave POP OS a shot and it just worked. Everything just worked. No tearing, it came with a driver that worked out of the box, all the settings stuck in place, moving windows was butter smooth, and between Lutris and Proton, there aren't many games that I cant play. I highly recommend it.
  15. Depends on what you are doing too. For general browsing or non FPS games, I prefer the g502. I play a lot of CSGO and have small hands so I switched to a Divina S2 (Which is smaller and much lighter) and love it for that. I still keep my G502 handy though for games like WoW or.. basically anything thats not a competitive FPS.