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  1. the b550f comes with wifi 6, i have it and it works excellent by itself.
  2. been looking at the g.skill trident z neo 3600 cl14 and it doesn't show up as qvl for this motherboard. However the 3200 cl14 version does, why is that? is there a guarantee the 3600 kit wont work?
  3. Don't know how this works, but should the cores not boost to the same max frequency? https://gyazo.com/04639afca0ab3f44701f5ed28f1d35e7
  4. check your settings, they tend to change by themselves.
  5. what if i ignore timings and go for frequency, lets say 3600mhz. Would it be the same process or mainly voltage?
  6. sheesh, i should prob just buy a cl14 kit shouldnt i
  7. i dont have to disable it, i can set it manually with docp on. But the numbers, in bios they were 16-18-18-18-36. Where did the last 18 come from? I don't know how this works, just wanna test. Was thinking 16-16-16-36 if that is good.
  8. i have two corsair lpx vengeance 8gb 3200mhz cl16 , they are at default timings which is 16-18-18-36-54. So which of these numbers do i lower? They are samsung b- die if that has anything to say.
  9. Driver latest release. Nothing comes to mind really, i have my browser and spotify open. Im clueless tbh