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  1. 1) Why has no one quoted Team America yet? 2) I don't think North Korea is capable of launching nukes into most of America, so you guys are safe. 3) America will ask us (England) for help again, and we'll go "Yes we'll help you" like we always do... 4) If 3 happens and ships are seen close to North Korean shores then I just hope we manage to blow up the nukes in air instead of letting them hit people. 5) War will probably happen a lot sooner than people think, North Korea are just flexing their little muscles. Also Russia just lost a lot of money too... China I'm not sure which side they are on... China is the only place where you can travel to North Korea and back with gifts, if you go through South Korea they take them off you, but China bailed America out of dept. It's a tough one but I kinda of expect another East vs West cold war 2 soon except this time I think there will be some actual small skirmishes over neutral countries, like Ukraine, South Korea etc and a lot more tech flexing more hacking more who's got the biggest e-peeeeeen. I've been saying it for a few years now we're over due a big war. Since WW2 there has only really been skirmishes nothing on a big scale, yes WW1 and 2 taught us wars suck and they are extremely costly, also the power of the nuke. You really think though that people like Kim Jong-un and other people like Hitler, care about killing millions to get what they want? They'll fire a nuke or 2.
  2. I've not seen one in person but seems that you can fit the fans like that. Also you don't really need to be a pro painter just tape up the bits you don't wanna paint and go. You can always practice on cardboard etc anyway might be a fun little side project.
  3. Depending on your budget also, but for your needs as you said light video editing and gaming it should be okay Try get a 960 if you can might help a little, but as a starting point I think you're pretty much set. That PSU should also be enough especially if you plan to go 960, but like I said as a starting point it looks good to me.
  4. Nice I wouldn't have noticed because I'm not great with colours, which is the only reason I've not painted anything of mine I did really want a colour scheme but it's hard to pick one when you're colour blind.
  5. Yeah I forgot how good black and yellow as a theme... excited to see what's next
  6. Aye and now you're on the new part of it? If I get a pay rise after Christmas I might start saving again for new parts I have 700 series GPU and 4770k and blah blah but yeah, I think I should and then maybe do a build log of some sorts, never done one but might be fun.
  7. Well I like it, the pictures you posted anyway. Sorry for the late reply was away on holiday. Hope you got some more stuff for us though <3
  8. Well I like the paint job and the brain thing could be fitted somewhere somehow it'd just take a bit of tinkering and so on but I'm sure you'll figure it out =]
  9. Looks pretty nice, if you can get hold of them do it I reckon.
  10. Haha it's okay I didn't link it I just said the name =]
  11. ASUS VG248QE They say 3D because of the refresh rates support it. Don't have to use it.
  12. A massively multiplayer online game (also called MMO and MMOG) is a multiplayer video game which is capable of supporting large numbers of players simultaneously. By necessity, they are played on the Internet. This just means it has to support large number of players at once, Not on 1 map not playing together... Just a lot of people. I could create a the most popular chess game in the world for example and have 1 v 1 but 1 million people play it that would make it an MMO. None of you have moaned about Hearthstone that's 1v1 but that's an MMO because the infrastructure supports a large group of people at once both client and server.