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  1. Topic? I have a 750 crosair PSU will it suffice for this GPU?
  2. Update: sent it to repairs, worked fine for a week, and today I started to have simmilart problems with less artificts. pinpointed it again to the gpu. Tried banchmarking it and it stuck, in csgo when I play its turned off after a couple of minutes with an error massage vertex shader custom weapon vs30. Tryed another game witcher 3 simmiler issues+ I get screen artifects and the game glitches itself. Is this GPU related or is there another Issue.
  3. Update: Still dosen't work, only works when I don't do anything that stress this Gpu, When I open CSGO it crashes with artifects, same with witcher 3. Only when they play on low and not in 2k maxxed out. Then they work +- still has artifects and crashes. Later after I stress test the gpu it gave me a blue screen of death with this writing dpc_watchdog_violation. Does it mean that the gpu is broken?
  4. I will return this and ask for a money return. I barely played with this RTX card for around 8 monthes and it broke.
  5. When I open a game or just leave the computer for some time I get this artifects+ blue screen of death sometimes, And I want just to make sure that Its a problem with The Gpu. Or is it happens because of other parts.
  6. Which model is the best one and from which company?
  7. Thats understandble, I'll try to negotiate with them. Since both cards in my country are in the same price range. I think they sold me a used up 2080ti, and this is why I had the problem. I see that the 3080 is much better then my 2080ti so of course I'll try to upgrade it.
  8. I know but I'll try to talk with them, Since I don't want to have the same 2080ti model. I can put some money if they willing to replace my 2080ti with a 3080. They are basiclly the same price.
  9. They won't lose, But I don't mind to get a new 2080ti or a 3080.
  10. I would prefer it, since its the same price range, and since the 2080ti is more expasive for them then the 3080. I would prefer to upgrade. spcially when the new cyberpunk 2077 is a month away.
  11. Around 1,280$ with taxs, Its expansive in my country. I bought my pc in a place where you can buy almost with no taxs so I bought my pc for a cheap price in my country
  12. I'm worried about my power supply, since I wanted to upgrade my ssd. Replace the crosair 240 gb with a wd 1 tb ssd.
  13. Im not in The us, I got it in a very cheap price in a bargin for around 1,238.33
  14. I won't buy anything, My 2080ti is broken and I got a warrenty from the store. I bought my pc around a year ago, and 2 monthes ago my 2080ti kicked the bucket. It gave me the blue screen of death in the middle of my witcher 3 play. I tried doing anything that I could and found out that its the Gpu that is making problems. He didn't even let nividia update it drivers