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  1. Considering it isnt water cooled, I find that to be very good temps. It did hit 62C and stayed there for 10 minutes before crashing. But that crash was caused by me, Accidentally open a different program
  2. BeamNG under 100% load, GPU temp of 62C and CPU of 75C. Might help that I have pretty good airflow and the basement is pretty cold
  3. I didnt consider re applying thermal paste, I will try that when I can. And I ham using a 2tb HDD, Ive planned on upgrading for awhile, But due to this motherboard only taking DDR3 I will probably just do a whole new build.
  4. My processor temps get into mid to high 80 Celcius. Idk how to check GPU temps atm
  5. Specs: X79A-GD45 Plus MSI Motherboard Intel i7-3820 @ 3.60GHz 16.00GB of DDR3 GTX650 Windows 10 x64 Im trying to figure out how to, 1. Make my graphics card run better than it currently is, as it should be able to run games such as BeamNG Drive but crashes unless I have AI "Traffic" on the map. 2. Make the pc in general run better, I currently dont have heating problems or anything of the sort. Ive gone through Disk Cleanup and file cleaning, As well as updating my drivers. I have run into the issue of Windows not updating
  6. Budget (including currency): 700-800 USD Country: US Games, programs or workloads that it will be used for: War Thunder, R6 Siege, Inventor 3D Modeling software, Ultimate Admiral Dreadnaughts Other details: Im upgrading from a laptop i3-6100U with Intel 520 Graphics (Integrated) This is my first build and the budget is based off how much I should have by the end of the summer in September. I can try to go upwards of 1200 USD but thats a stretch. Any parts list or simple recommendations would be greatly appreciated. AMD is preferred. Thank you!