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  1. Try this. https://www.thewindowsclub.com/wp-content/uploads/2016/05/Import-Bookmarks-Passwords-to-Chrome.png
  2. Got a year? Could be command and conquer Age of mythology Warcraft Loads if I'm honest but them three are the bigger three that are like aoe
  3. Pic 1 - is a molex and SATA connections. Your SATA connections plug into a HDD or SSD. Pic 3/4- is USB IO for the case and front panel IO as well like power button, reset, LEDs, headphone and audio. You'll probably want to refer to your motherboard manual to set these. Pic 5 -Rear IO this is fine, just where you normally plug in your USB etc at the back of the case. Pic 6 - Your PCIE Slots, for GPU and expansion cards.
  4. I mean yeah you could. If you don't need it and have already replaced it. You could be waiting a while otherwise! Haha
  5. So both AMD and Nvidia underestimated the demand and there are a bunch of theories as to what's going on but we don't exactly know. The new generation of graphics cards are pretty impossible to get hold of. So everyone else who needs a new GPU is just buying last gen stuff. For instance my 770 broke a few weeks ago. I wanted a 3080 still can't get one. So for now I got 1660, I wanted a 2070 but prices are well above usual. I checked all the usual sites in the UK and I couldn't get hold of anything. The ones that did stock are pricing them about 1.5x the normal price. As this i
  6. Get the concept of future proofing out of your head. It doesn't exist. You'll need to upgrade this in 2-5 years if you always want to play the latest titles at 4K. Same can be said for any pc at any budget. If you change CPU chances are you are gonna Nedd a new Mobo in a few years AMD will launch their next CPU on a new chipset. Also in a few years there will the possibility for DDR5 RAM. Which is rumoured to be out 2021, But I reckon 2022 will be more likely. You might want to save up for 32GB RAM depending on what you will be using it for. Also if you can get a
  7. No usually OEM licenses from pre builts and laptops are tied to the motherboard and not a licence key. You could ask Microsoft to help you but they will probably say no, you may get extremely lucky though.
  8. This sounds like the start of a HDD failure. Get yourself a cheap Crucial MX500 SSD then install Windows on that.
  9. You probably won't get one this year unless you are lucky. Amazon, scan, Overclockers, ebuyer, ccl, PC Specialist and maybe box will be the bigger retailers in the UK that will likely get them first. Unfortunately they are also the first place people go to so make sure you click email me notification on the stores that have it.
  10. Was just an example. https://www.matrixorbital.com/double-bay-inserts/b2041 This one you linked you don't have to have the screen that small you could cut the actual whole bigger yourself. There probably isn't a set that does exactly what you want to do you will have to create this yourself. Here Performance PCs have a bunch of LCD screens you can use as templates or take the screen out of and place your own. https://www.performance-pcs.com/case-parts-mods/bay-hardware/5-1-4-inch-bay-devices.html Something like the Aerocool would work.
  11. You could find something like this and make some minor modifications to try and make it hold the LCD screen. https://www.amazon.co.uk/Alphacool-Dual-Drive-Display-Software/dp/B001I4ZBB0 Maybe use some hot glue and some make some plastic clips to hold it upgright. I know this one is out of stock but there are devices like this around still.
  12. Or just press the windows key then type disk management and it'll be there
  13. This is a case of want vs need. If your pc is working for you then there is no need.