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  1. Niksa

    amazon to support local payment

    I think that it is a common thing. Also, I forgot to add that you can pay for the goods at the convenience stores and receive them at your home address as well.
  2. Niksa

    amazon to support local payment

    In Japan you can order stuff from Amazon to the convenience store instead to your home address and even pay for the package upon delivery in there. And you are able to that for years now. Also, no extra charge for those services.
  3. I, for sure, know that at least one huge global financial organization has an AI which goes through Twitter to find information before anyone else so it can find the next "hot" stocks to buy. Tweet like that will for sure make those AIs set a flag to buy stocks which will lead to the stock market price change. No wonder SEC is not looking positively on this.
  4. I know a similar story about one guy who managed to find a serious vulnerability of the web banking site of his bank at the time just by accident. By just editing URL he managed to see other people's transactions without knowing to whom those accounts belong. Being a nice guy he sent a mail to the bank with the description of the issue just to receive a month later legal threat from the bank's legal team that, paraphrasing, "it is not vulnerability on it's own because no one discovered it before. So, since he discovered it, he made that vulnerability a real vulnerability so he should fix it". What I know is that he just replied them with some links about web security and definition of the word "vulnerability" and that on the following day he closed his banking account at that bank.
  5. I am that kind of "moron" because every day I get at least one new interesting video which is not on my subscription list (which is really short). But unlike those commentators, if something really annoying or not interesting at all pops up I will click "not interested" in order to "teach" Youtube algorithm what I like and what I don't and not write stupid comments
  6. Niksa

    Why does the US ban Huawei but not Xiaomi?

    This. They are among world leaders in mobile infrastructure equipment, something that providers use and something that in the end end users interact with no matter if they have Huawei, iPhone, Samsung or other smartphones or dumbphones. So, if you want to spy on someone, it is better to spy from the point where you can spy all the users no matter which phone they use.
  7. Niksa

    AT2020 isnt on stand right

    Pictures would be helpful. But even without them it feels like "cheap stand syndrome" to me. When it gets loose, it gets loose for good.
  8. Niksa

    Youtube trends you hate

    Clickbait thumbnails are obvious so I won't click them, but I don't hate them. What I hate us the trend with hosts making stupid faces and put those photos in the thumbnails. I simply can't stand those. It is also a reason why the last time I watched LTT video is measured in years now. I also hate when hosts are monkeying around. It is absolutely annoying to watch. I recently tend to watch many outdoor channels and what I hate in some of them is when 80% of the shot which is supposed to be in the nature is someone's face instead of the landscape. FFS, if I want to watch eg. ascent to Mt. Everest, I want to look at Mt. Everest not your face. They also tend to put idiotic dubstep music into those videos so I just have to mute everything. I want to hear surrounding sounds not some stupid music when watching videos. I am fine with occasional music or music blended with surrounding sounds, but NOT loud music without any sounds of the nature. And final rant is about fail videos when small kids unknowingly swear. They just beep it. In that case I don't know what kid was telling and as far as I could know kid could say any non vulgar word which they censored it. It is just standard non fail video in that case.
  9. Niksa

    Need a Mic.

    It is definitely NOT. It is simple dynamic microphone and dynamics don't need phantom power.
  10. Niksa

    WAN show mic is fake?

    you quoted the answer AKG C414 is ~$1000 microphone which is studio standard for decades and it has see through grill
  11. Waaaay too expensive. Really bitchin Toto or Panasonic in Japan with all bells and whistles minus "smart" BS can be found for ~2k USD in Japan. Some of them even clean themselves and are self sanitizing. Also when using bidet at my home and work after I finish with number two, I press button and leave the toilet do it's work. Is that too much work to do now so I have to ask "Alexa, wash my ass"?
  12. Niksa

    keyboard clicks in blue yeti mic

    Noise gate is just automated "audio switch" of some sort. It will NOT block any noise while it is not engaged (eg. talking and typing at the same time - keyboard noise will not be blocked). It just have 2 states, block everything below the threshold, and let everything above the threshold.
  13. What cable are you using for connecting it to the interface? If you are using cable with TRS connectors it won't work since active electronics in your guitar probably use ring connection to close the circuit in guitar. You should use what people sometimes refer to "mono" 6.3mm plugs on your cable.
  14. Niksa

    is my new new Microphone a good one or....?

    I will not get into technology and how stuff works because someone before made nice articles on wikipedia. In practice, dynamic microphones don't require phantom power while condensers require. It is not an issue because every decent interface has phantom power supply. Also condensers are much more sensitive in terms of picking sounds which is nice for studio when you want to pick up singer's voice as close as possible, but not so good for streaming/podcasting because unlike in the studio, you don't have neither sound isolated room nor acoustically treated room. In plain English it means it will pick up all surrounding sounds. I don't know how did you get 38dB mark of sound pressure from your PC, but I don't have a crystal ball to tell would it really affect anything or not. And lastly, condensers can be farther away from you unlike the dynamics which need to be relatively close to your mouth. Regarding USB interfaces with noise gate, I am only aware of Roland Octa capture, but it is an overkill interface for your needs. There are some software solutions which you can use and you should not limit your options to interfaces with built in noise gate. For microphone hardware you need just microphone, cable and USB interface. Cable is standard 3-pin XLR male-female. Just google for the microphone cable, they are all standardized. And lastly about Fetheads. I have never seen those things before, but from the tech spec on their site, it is only a preamp with 27dB of clean boost. If you had Shure SM7B which is a quiet microphone, then you would benefit from having one. It will not make your microphone any better, but instead just louder. If you have really weak signal even after cranking the input gain all the way up, then you would need one of those thingies (or Cloudlifter).
  15. Niksa

    is my new new Microphone a good one or....?

    NT1 is a great microphone, HOWEVER it is large diaphragm condenser microphone and will pick up all of the surrounding noises like your PC fans.