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    Gigabyte Gaming7
  • RAM
    16gb Corsair xms
  • GPU
    1080ti hybrid
  • Case
    Cooler master haf xb
  • Storage
    256 gb sammy ssd/4tb seagate
  • PSU
    750 w corsair
  • Display(s)
    Lg Ultrawide
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    logitech g19
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    logitech g700
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    Sounblaster X-Fi Platinum/astro a50
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    Windows 10pro

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  1. 40 bux at Costco. Comes with a usb C to C cable but not a power brick. I guess thats why they are cheap
  2. May i never see that on storage wars.
  3. Spare/vacation 25 watt charger because for whatever reason the latest note 20 ultra can't use 45w to its full potential. Wtf samsung?
  4. For my daughter on her birthday. Dell inspirion 3000 Amd 3450u 12 gigs ram 256 ssd boot/1 gig hdd XL white mouse pad White wireless mouse Bt21 chimmy keyboard The sims 4 deluxe ÷ cats and dogs
  5. Power tools. Definitely power tools. They used to have metal housings. Now they are plastic unless you buy "professional" series.
  6. Samsung g7 Curved VA Refresh rate was nice but overall image quality and color was ugly. It looked good until I sat it next to my OG LG 34" ultrawide 3440x1440 IPS panel. Sure its only 60hz compared to the 240 on the G7. I don't notice a difference at all. Took it back to microcenter.
  7. I have windows 10 running on a athlon 2500 circa 2003 with 4 gigs of ram on a ssd and purs along quite nicely. Wife uses it for her cricut machine and craft projects.
  8. Gamecube black Wii that supports gamecube 360slim x 2 ps3 fat xbone x xbone s gears 4 edition switch og and splatoon ps4 pro star wars ps4 slim PS vita and about 6 ds and ds xl in various edition, (zelda, animal crossing etc.)
  9. FmPhenom

    dp to hdmi

    Take your chance on the 3rd one then. YOLO!!!!!!
  10. FmPhenom

    dp to hdmi

    The top 2 display up to "Supports HDMI displays up to 3840x2160 @ 60Hz (4K) resolution" and the third option is not available. The one I linked does 4096x2160 60hz and I actually used it and can confirm that it works.
  11. FmPhenom

    dp to hdmi

    I used this to get my 1080ti to get 4k@60 on a older samsung tv. Amazon.com: Club3D CAC-1070 Displayport 1.2 to HDMI 2.0 UHD Active Adapter Support 4096X2160 at 60Hz VESA Certified: Computers & Accessories
  12. Gel seat cushion for my "racing/gaming" chair cuz my sturdy ass flattened out the oem cushion.
  13. OMFG! I just found my Box set of the game saturday and spent close to a hour installing this game.