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  1. hi, i was able to fit it in and it lights up, the only problem is that the fans do not spin and monitor does not detect gpu. my psu is 600watts bronze and only has one power connector while my gpu has two power connectors. do i need to get a psu with two power connectors?
  2. nevermind i just found out that pci is not compatible with pcie
  3. my 3090 gpu doesnt fit my amd mother board help? why doesnt it fit? my gpu: https://www.newegg.com/gigabyte-geforce-rtx-3090-gv-n3090eagle-oc-24gd/p/N82E16814932328?Description=geforce rtx 3090 gpu&cm_re=geforce_rtx 3090 gpu-_-14-932-328-_-Product my motherboard: https://www.newegg.com/asus-prime-x370-a/p/N82E16813132986?Description=asus x-370a&cm_re=asus_x-370a-_-13-132-986-_-Product
  4. yes i want to put a 3090 gpu (pcie 4.0) into a x390a motherboard (pcie 3.0) will it work? will speed be affected
  5. can i fit my gpu pcie 4.0 to a pcie 3.0 motherboard?
  6. i have seen youtube videos were people use there laptop as second monitor, but there laptops have hdmis, are you sure ?
  7. yes i am, how do i make it as a second monitor then?
  8. i have a lenvo 730 13inch and a gtx 1080 gpu with a x370-a asus motherboard. i have tried multiple cables setups, i have installed new drivers and bios. my computer displays to my wacom but not my laptop my laptop has no hdmi input or graphics card. the only thing left to try is a dvi to usb-c cable, but i dont think that will work. my sister has the same laptop as me and i had tried the cable setups on her laptop and her laptop doesnt display as a second monitor aswell does this laptop not support multiple monitors? even though it has the function in windows p
  9. hi i followed the steps and my computer said "Miracast: Available, with HDCP" what does this mean?
  10. windows 10 pro and Asus prime x370-a motherboard
  11. why doesn't my device support miracast? windows 10 pro and Asus prime x370-a motherboard
  12. i downloaded a 4k video from youtube but when i play it on my desktop, the colors do not match the one on youtube and when running it on vlc playback software it gllitches..... when i play it on windows media playback software it glitches even more does this have to do with the conversion of downloading the video online? or does this have to do with my pc i want the video to play its original color and i also do not want it to jitter