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  1. I can get a brand new 2020 macbook (M1) with 256gb ssd and 8gb ram for $800 or i can get the asus rog flow with ryzen 9, 3050ti, 16gb ram and 1 tb ssd for $1350 for electrical engineering. i know the asus is a clear winner but the macbook is cheaper and looks nicer but the flow is more powerful. The mac is worrying because 8 gb is a small amount nowadays and 256gb is low( external ssd is always an option) so give me some opinions. And programs i’m gonna use is like office and mayeb multsim(there’s an online version)
  2. 2070 windforce 2x gigabyte theyre at 80% even at 100% there’s no difference e
  3. Hi, like the title my card is running usually at 80-81°c the catch is i set it so it can’t go higher then 81 but i have really good airflow. i have the 4000d corsair case and 5 fans, 2 intake, 3 exhaust, and i have a liquid cooler on my cpu. Anyways, is there a solution to fix the temps and make it cooler?
  4. So at 1200 i should be hood but then why is my gpu at 80°c i have a 2070 windforce
  5. no idea what that means mine are at 1200rpm and temps are at 55°c for cpu and 80°c on gpu how do i lower gpu temps
  6. I’m running 3 sp120 elite fans and 2 ml120 on the h100i cap. Aio. i have my fans set to 1200 rpm on icue because it’s audible but not loud at all,when i put them on balanced it keeps the rpms at like 600-800 so i want good temps and not super loud any suggestions?
  7. So i’m trying to set up 3 sp120 fans and i have rgb hub and non sense and so i plugged everything in but nothing works? help
  8. Before it looked exactly like the xbox console companion where i could join parties if i hit windows+g and stuff but now it’s just saying i can adjust audio and record
  9. I just got done building my system but it says cpu fan error, i check in bios and all my it says my pump rpm is detected and all my fans are moving so i don’t understand
  10. i screwed the mobo in correctly and everything and to no prevail
  11. yes it is i screwed it in and everything there’s a bar that goes through the motherboard there is no other way