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  1. I think Linus made one mistake. Underneath the M.2 cover is thermal pads that are protected by plastic. He (or James) needed to remove the strip after installing the drive. Easy to miss if you've never seen it before. BTW James... nice hand model.
  2. This is the fourth week that it's become unwatchable. Twitch is ruining the show. Something has to give or it will pointless to keep "broadcasting" the WAN Show.
  3. Tempest in a teapot. Even so, just running a good quality UPS will fix this issue no problem. A quality UPS, not a surge protector, will condition the power before it ever gets to the psu. No spikes or dropouts.
  4. Agreed. The hdd sector has made all these a commodity which means there's really not much difference between a lot of these. That said, Seagate has had real trouble with their 3tb drives and the Red's are made for NAS not desktops. Stick with the Blue.
  5. The only caveat to the usefulness of your chip isn't the cpu itself but the chipset on the m/bd. You *know* Intel will change sockets again. And dollars to donuts they'll add something to the next chipset that you must have. Faster Sata? Better bus to the cpu? Faster Ethernet ports? Who knows but it's sure to be something attractive that will make you want to upgrade even though there's nothing wrong with your current system.
  6. >>Honestly id say 3-5 years is about max for most enthusiasts to keep anything<< I would totally disagree. Intel has admitted that they've stopped the Tick/Tock business. It's an admission that they can't get good improvements by just reducing the process. It's been obvious post Haswell that the die shrink gains are miniscule except when it comes to TDP and that's irrelevant on the desktop. I can see that i7 being good for a decade or longer. Your gpu will be the bottleneck not the cpu.
  7. It's Easter Good Friday.
  8. Will the WAN Show be on at the regular time or will it be on Thurs?
  9. I would pay attention to Windspeed's advice. You need dead nuts reliability with good support. Another thing is a good b/up strategy. Your data is going to be your life. A decent DAT drive is more than your total machine budget. Offsite caching is mandatory for disaster relief and I don't trust things like the "Cloud". I would advise getting a quote for a new decent system from Dell or HP sized properly with a support package and do it on a monthly lease. It does lock you in but it works for cashflow and for tax purposes. Your needs are not extreme and you might be surprised how reasonable it is.
  10. Instead of Fricke I'd suggest you watch the short films of Tony Zhou. He's an editor based out of Vancouver and he does a series called Every Frame A Picture. Brilliant stuff and really shows what he's talking about with clips. What you have here is coverage. A ton of B-Roll. Great!!!! There's nothing like lots of coverage. You can't make a movie without it and is generally the failure point of young directors. Of course you can take it too far like a Kubrick or Cameron but you're in good company. Your problem is that it's all you have. That said, it doesn't mean you don't have, just that you haven't brought out yet with editing. Establish your story and then focus on that with editing. Now, Shanghai. It's all about planning, planning, planning. Think of it... you're on location, your resources are what you take with you, your time is limited and the footage that you bring back is it. No going back for coverage or reshoots. So... 1. Do you have an idea as yet? (this certainly can be a work in progress & yes, it can change) 2. Have you got enough? Batteries, capacity, permissions? 3. Can you get help if necessary? 4. What will you do if someone objects to you filming? (have a plan) 5. What will you do if you are prevented from doing "your" story? Weather, pollution, location, people. Be flexible. 6. Can you communicate sufficiently to not piss off the locals? This where 3 comes in very handy. Idea time... Since you seem to be visually focussed, what will work visually? Do you reside in a large city now? If so, juxtaposition. Similar? Different? How. Can you capture it? How about Transitions? Light/Dark. Maybe more relevant: Breathable to polluted. How about the people? Can you visually show how they cope with their society? Do it intimately with the people you're staying with. Try to get the camera to be their eyes. Other techniques... if you're staying at a hotel see if you can clamp the camera to the balcony, window sill etc. and let it run all night while you sleep, capturing the city. Sure it's only one viewpoint and you need the capacity, but it's coverage, and you might capture something interesting. And one last thing. See if you can bring, or buy a monopod. It's a bearable weight that a tripod isn't and it will give you a much steadier platform for those static shots and bring the material up from the shaky cam home movie standard. Good luck and above all, have fun! I can't wait to see what you bring back from Shanghai.
  11. A lot of the issue is materials technology. Finding new insulators. New substrates. New trace componentry. We're down to atoms here so exotica is the standard. As for the asic question above, is that yet not another iteration of the old RISC/CISC issue? Different paths to the object that in the end were absorbed and didn't amount to diddly.
  12. Lots of pretty pictures. Ok, now for some harshness. The constant cutting and abrupt transitions is tiring. Without context there's very little to work with. You need a story. Did that kid in the yellow snowsuit show up in any other footage? Could use him/her as a focus. The background music has a definite beat. Why not use that for the transitions if you're going to change? It would make the change feel more organic. In the Great Wall segment it starts to fail halfway through because of sameness. I would have used an insert to show where you are in each segment (Google maps?) to allow for some continuity. Sure, colour grading can be done in post but the footage is what you have. What you need is some quality editing time to bring out your film instead of having a glorified home movie. Good luck.
  13. The low hanging fruit has been picked. Now things are getting serious and it's going to slow down even more than it has. It's one reason for Kaby Lake. Intel can't move to their intended 10 nm process so have an interim chip to save the day. What Kaby Lake will do better than Skylake is an open question. It certainly looks like they're trying to spin reduced clock speeds but more "efficiency". We're heading into very interesting times. There's not a lot of processor bound software out there. That means the easy gains of better hardware to make things run faster don't apply. Add to that the lack of benefits for a process node reduction as we saw with the move from 22nm to 14nm from Haswell to Skylake. Slightly better efficiency but not much in the way of speed increases with a lot more production headaches. In the foreseeable future I can see architecture changes being the focus and not the node size. If Zen actually holds promise then it will be what it does instead of how it does it. It's another variation on how Intel abandoned the GHz war when it hit that wall and went with cores instead. But it's also going to be that a 10 year old unit can be as effective as something new unless something in software can pull out a unique feature that's a killer app that will drive the adoption of new hardware. I don't see that happening anytime soon. Welcome to the mature years.
  14. Yep. While the Dom Plats are pretty they certainly not the area to spend your money. The two areas I'd look at is the RAID0 you posted in your screed for the 850 EVO. EVO's don't do raid. Period. Run 1 drive straight with the Magician software. And you keep focussing on hardware that was working just fine. As a beta tester you must be able to drill down to the performance issues with Win10. Something is wrong and throwing hardware at it won't work. If you can't find the cause I would start to save and replace your system with something modern or downgrade to 8.1 again.
  15. Look at Crucial BX200, Mushkin Reactor or SanDisk. All 3 have good products and they are good pricing. In Canada you're looking at $.36 per GB which is great. US is much, much cheaper. Sigh.
  16. How about this? http://www.amazon.co.uk/RN204-100NES-ReadyNAS-Personal-Attached-Streaming/dp/B00R92CICA/ref=sr_1_13?s=computers&ie=UTF8&qid=1455709908&sr=1-13&keywords=nas
  17. You have a very tight budget. If you can afford to upgrade in a couple of years I would recommend getting something like the Gigabyte Z97-HD3 m/bd and pairing it with the Pentium G3258. O/C ing the piss out of it will give good performance for a while even with only 2 cores. Between those two you should be able to have $300 to buy everything else and it gives you the chance to upgrade to an i5 or i7 later. Haswell but there's still a ton of them around.
  18. It doesn't look like you have a problem at all. It's in the same ballpark as my drive which I feel is running just fine. BTW, NEVER ever defrag a ssd! Ddave gave you bad advice there. You'll kill the drive if you keep that up.
  19. You're using the wrong software for what you need. Use CrystalDiskMark instead. Here is a shot of my C: drive, a 256gb Crucial MX100 for comparison. Your numbers should be the same or better for your drive.
  20. What is the rest of the system? Are you sure that you can't get by with the onboard graphics?
  21. No! If you have a 32 bit O/S then you can only run 32 bit software. If you have a 64 bit O/S then you can run 64 and 32 bit software. Capische?
  22. Another thing, a little outside of the box thinking... how about an upgrade to a newer chip and get the new AMD cooler? Supposedly it's quite the upgrade and you'll get a faster chip too. Of course, that's assuming that you can use your m/bd and not have to go to the new AM4 socket.
  23. Ok. You're looking at Be Quiet... again, Noctua, Thermaltake. Most of these coolers are less efficient than the upright versions because of surface area and airflow directions. They're mainly made for tight ITX or mATX builds where space is at a premium. If colour isn't a problem I would look at the Noctuas.
  24. Ok, why not? Since there really isn't a lot of difference in looks between most coolers, the Dark Rock series being the exception, what are you looking for?
  25. What is the update for? Once you start going into the past with updates you'll find that there will be some that are superseded by something already installed or that that update was crap and no longer supported for install. Hard to say but overall, I wouldn't worry about it.