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  1. 10 years ago i did have an i3 and AMD Radeon HD6700 and my powersupply was overkill for that build but i did buy it to use for my upgrades from time to time. i3 to i7 RADEON 6700- GTX960 - GTX1070 - RTX 2080 Ti. So i will buy a 1000W+ PSU from EVGA or SEASONIC for another 10 years.
  2. Well thats true. this is a 10 years old PSU that my father bought for me. I will buy a new one and put this one to rest. RIP April.2010-June.2020 The MTBF is 11 years. but now i know corsair PSU are good.
  3. Yeah but the stange thing is this is a 800W PSU.. it cant be the wattage. maybe is broken or someting.
  4. Hi, I am having a problem that sometimes I enter a heavy game my PC freezes. Here is the memory Dump. So I searched the problem and I did find that errors is because of NVIDIA drivers but it seems they crash because GPU don't respond in time because I tink of the power strikes. My oldest component on my PC is the PSU. I have a CORSAIR GS800 PSU SPECS: Also my pc specs: i7 6700, 32gb of ram, 4 SSD (2nvme,2sata), RTX 2080 Ti And here is the video of the power strikes. Only happens then i open a game. UPSSPIKES.mp4
  5. Okay guys. so Bumping the Mhz is useless. okay i get it now. Other question i remember linus saying that is possbile to overclock non K CPUs like mine. i7 6700. Do you guys have any tutorial or is even worth it? my cooler can handle i have a Corsair H100i water cooling.
  6. Hi, I am new to RAM Overclock. My board is from Gigabyte and it comes with this little program "EasyTune" I cant overlock the cpu because is a non k cpu. but i can overlock the ram right? I have a Kingston HyperX 8 GB 2400 MHZ. x4 at total i have 32 GB of RAM. My motherboard is this: GA-Z170X-Gaming 7 On the motherboard specs it says "Support for DDR4 3866(O.C)/3733(O.C)/3666(O.C) /3600(O.C.) /3466(O.C.) /3400(O.C.) /3333(O.C.) /3300(O.C.) /3200(O.C.) /3000(O.C.) /2800(O.C.) /2666(O.C.) /2400(O.C.) /2133 MHz memory m
  7. Working fine in Ubuntu. Problem is not solved in Debian. I really love Debian. but for now, I will use Ubuntu.
  8. I did just fund out why. Debian dropped bnx2 driver from their repositories because they are proprietary and tagged as non-free. This means I ended up without support for my network card and probably failed to install Debian or at least left without internet connectivity and ability to download packages, needed my system up and running. And people say Linux is easy? that's a lie. Maybe I will try Ubuntu. I only like Debian and Ubuntu.
  9. I did reinstall this 5 times. and I try both. It works on Windows. but on Linux simply don't work.
  10. Hi, I just both a server PowerEdge R510 almost all firmware is on the last version and I did have Windows on it and it was running good but this will be a web server so I decided to install Debian 9 Normally I only rent servers and networking configuration is always done. and since Linux is not as easy as Windows.. Linux it has been a pain in the asse. I CANT GET Internet on the SERVER. It gives me this error: The cable is connected to the server. It was working on Windows OS so it should work on Linux too. I have this two eno1 an
  11. Oh. okay. So will be limited to 16 GB. because my rams are 6x 4 GB. only have 4 slots per CPU. it leaves me in 16 GB. not bad.
  12. About the 10K disks, it was not my idea... I have a 2x SAMSUNG 250 GB SSD ready for that server. Yes, I will put more RAM on the future. Oh, I can really have only ONE CPU? that's nice... But what do you mean cutting the RAM? cant I just put the RAM on the first CPU side?
  13. I did a search a days ago. I did find out that the H700 on last firmware have the all disk block. dell disks work fine. And I did find out that H200 can handle up to 4 TB Disks on the last firmware. ( confirmed by DELL ) so I can have 12x 4 TB storage. I was really scared about buying the H700 because of the DELL blocking others disks. dell disks are expensive and stupid on my eyes. ( I did read the manual PDF )