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    ASUS Sabertooth z97 mk1
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  1. That is a long range point-to-point antenna. They are designed for sending and receiving data at ranges of several miles at fairly high speeds (up to 150mbps). They are often used for decentralized wireless ISPs in rural areas or areas without an extensive cable/fiber infrastructure.
  2. ah well, with a little bit of photoshopping and some time with customer support I bet I can extend my warranty.
  3. All of the outputs. I doubt the outputs are the issue despite their proximity, since the bios indicator light does not illuminate.
  4. It certainly did, with all these sky high prices from crypto mining
  5. This is the best photo I could get. I have experience with board level repair and own a soldering station, but I couldn't immediately spot any burned or damaged traces or components.
  6. My 290x, which has been chugging along happily for almost 3 years now, has just bitten the dust. It went out with a bang, as it seems a bit of unusually conductive dust bridged two contacts on the back of the card near the hdmi port, causing a small set of sparks. The pc immediately shut down, and when it powered back on, the display no longer received an input. The status leds on the card do not illuminate, and none of the outputs work, although the fans do run. I had to swap in my 750ti, which is not vr ready, which brings me to my dilemma. I just spent all my money on a rift, so I cannot af
  7. Just ordered a Vive, so excited for it!

  8. try building this package https://launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/xserver-xorg-input-mouse/1:1.7.1-1build3 to me this sounds like a mouse driver issue and nothing related to the gpu
  9. My advice: get the 1070 and pop it in, then upgrade the rest later.
  10. http://packages.ubuntu.com/precise/ubuntu-desktop check out this list of similar packages, you might find a few that relate to the mouse drivers... also test the mouse in the bios if your board supports it
  11. theres a somewhat limited selection of cases that support dual 360 rads, but I believe the thermaltake core x9 does.
  12. if your board has a ps/2 port then try a ps/2 mouse if you can find one
  13. you're sure that its the gpu fan thats doing this? you can test by disconnecting it and booting, should be fine if you dont run anything that strains the gpu. if it is the gpu fan for sure, I really wouldnt recommend trying to lubricate it. doing so can cause more damage. I hate so say it, but you might consider an upgrade. I hate for it to go from such a silly issue. if you do decide to lubricate it, then I would have a new card picked out.