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    San Diego county, CA, USA
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    Computer hardware, software (games, media production & editing, some others, not so much into office type stuff though), playing piano, listening to a variety of music, photography & videography, other things
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    Currently volunteering at a computer refurbishing warehouse. (Idk if it's similar to FreeGeek.)


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    Desktop: Intel Core i7-4790K | Laptop: Intel Core i7-6700K
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    Desktop: ASRock Z97 Extreme6 | Laptop: Clevo P750DM-G
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    Desktop: G.Skill Ares Red 32GB (2x 8x2GB) DDR3-1600 CL9 | Laptop: G.Skill Ripjaws 40GB (1x 8GB + 2x16GB) DDR4-2133 CL15 SO-DIMM
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    Desktop: EVGA (Nvidia) GeForce GTX 1060 SC 3GB | Laptop: Nvidia GeForce GTX 970M 6GB
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    Desktop: Rosewill Thor V2 Black | Laptop: Clevo P750DM-G
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    Desktop (not all are in system): 80GB WD IDE (WD800BB - dying), 250GB WD IDE (WD2500JB), 2x 750GB WD Black (WD7500AAKS & WD7501AALS), 1TB WD Green (WD10EADS), 2x 1.5TB WD Green (WD15EADS), 2x 2TB WD Green (WD20EADS & WD20EZRX), 3x 4TB HGST NAS (0S03664), 3x 5TB HGST NAS (0S03835), 3x 8TB HGST NAS (0S04012), 256GB Crucial M550 2.5" SSD | Laptop: 250GB Crucial MX200 M.2 60mm, 1.05TB Crucial MX300 2.5", (removed) 2TB Samsung/Seagate Spinpoint M9T 2.5"
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    Desktop: Corsair AX760 | Laptop: battery & 230W AC adapter
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    Desktop: Dell U2414H | Laptop: built-in 1080p IPS G-Sync
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    Desktop: Cooler Master Hyper 212 EVO | Laptop: copper plates + heatpipes + fans
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    Desktop: Logitech K200 | Laptop: built in
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    Desktop: Logitech G602 | Laptop: Logitech M510
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    onboard on both. Laptop mentions Sound Blaster X-Fi on sticker, but there's a RealTek HD Audio Manager icon in my system tray I've noticed sound is cleaner in my laptop than desktop.
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    Both: Windows 10 Pro. Build 1703 as of August 2017.
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  1. Ahh. (Was editing the previous post when you replied, was going to put this in it) I hit a bandwidth limit of (I think) a different type when running DBAN on a bunch of HDDs in my desktop last year. Had 10 drives connected to my ASRock Z97 Extreme6 (CPU = i7-4790K), plus 2 more drives plugged into a ByteCC BT-PESAPA PCIe to IDE/SATA card. (I forget if the card was plugged into a 1x or 16x slot though.) There's too many pics to attach even in a spoiler (would exceed the 20MB limit), so instead I put them in a shared Google Photos album. For example .. the 5TB HDD (N
  2. Ah ... but even with PLX, I have a hunch that would still not get past a platform bandwidth limit? For example, let's say you put 8 of those cards that take 4 NVMe drives each, in this board (see spoiler) .... I'm guessing you wouldn't have (3.5*2*4 + 3.5*4*4 -- 4 slots are 8x so 2 SSDs each I guess, also I'm assuming PCIe 3.0 and rounding to 3.5 GB/s) 84 GB/s combined transfer rate? I have a feeling LGA 1155 couldn't do that...
  3. Ahh, well I was thinking bifurcating / splitting them ... I thought at least on some server platforms you could bifurcate, say, a PCIe 4.0 x16 slot into 8 PCIe 3.0 x4 devices? Or is there no way to double the number of lanes if you step down a generation, even via risers, etc?
  4. Yeah, true. Reminds me, I've off-and-on thought about putting together a NAS build. Since this isn't a NAS topic I won't go into much detail on the rest of my ideas for the build, other than.... I was wanting support for a lot of 3.5" SATA HDDs, basically, with the max being determined mostly by the motherboard form factor and PCIe generation (or CPU PCIe lanes, if it supports more / newer generation). From my limited research, the Highpoint Rocket 750 supports 40 SATA devices per card, and uses a PCIe 2.0 x8 interface. (It has 10 SAS ports, each of which can break out to 2 SATA
  5. Yeah, not having to use swap at all would be nice. But I definitely notice a difference between swapping to NVMe vs swapping to platter HDD. I was just thinking ... with PCIe 5.0, or possibly PCIe 6.0 if it gets fast tracked (and I wait for that) ... I'm guessing NVMe SSDs (especially x8 or x16, not just the pleb x4 ones) would be faster, at least for sequential transfers, than my DDR3 RAM, and maybe even faster than my DDR4. I'll put a couple screenshots in a spoiler. Both have 2 runs each (4 total) of CrystalDiskMark (peak & real-world) on an NVMe SSD, and a RAM Dis
  6. Ahh, I wondered if it was Linux, wasn't sure what task manager interface that was. My swapfile usage was a bit over 303 GB, between swapfiles on 2 SSDs. There was a bit over 116GB on a 1TB 2.5" SATA (WD Blue 3D) SSD, and a bit under 187GB on a 2TB M.2 NVMe (Silicon Power P34A80) SSD. Having swap on SSD does help with performance from what I've observed. Yeah, I hear people have said that you shouldn't have swap on SSDs because of using up the write cycles, but I think a lot of recent TLC SSDs have good enough endurance so that shouldn't be much of an issue. My 1TB Blue 3D specifies
  7. What was your "Committed" / pagefile usage, though? (Also idk what OS you're using, that looks a little different than the memory summary in my Windows 10 task manager.) Mine was 370GB in the screenshot I posted earlier. I'll put the full (not cropped) screenshot in a spoiler, it includes File Explorer open to the two SSDs that have (highlighted) pagefile configured on them. I really hope Intel/AMD don't kneecap mainstream DDR5 to 128GB, not even on the 1st gen. (Although I'm planning on waiting for 2nd-gen chipsets/CPUs before I upgrade from my Z97/DDR3 setup.)
  8. My big concern with DDR5 isn't so much getting much faster memory (although that would be nice too); but I really need much higher capacities. An approximate reverse-timeline of the RAM usage of the main daily driver systems I've used at home): (year-mo is start) 2019-05 = 64GB = DDR4-2133 in my Clevo P750DM-G laptop 2016-10 = 40GB = DDR4-2133 in my Clevo P750DM-G laptop (got it with 8GB in 2015-12) 2015-02 = 32GB = DDR3-1600 in my 4790K desktop (i7-4790K, Z97 Extreme6, etc) 2015-01 = 16GB = DDR3-1600 in my 4790K desktop ~2012-0
  9. Actually no clients, they're all personal projects. But thanks for the tips. (Now if I could wrap my brain around stuff ... maybe that too is a sign that I'm stretching myself too thin, as well as having too many things going at once, not just on the computer but projects at home; also doesn't help that i'm a multi-decades packrat, I'm trying to break myself of that but it's not as easy as running Cyberpunk 2077 at max settings on one of these: ....)
  10. Yeah, I'm kind-of afraid of that. If I end up rebooting, I wonder if there's a way to see what might have caused the issue? Maybe some windows admin event log might say something around 3:39 am? And I'd like to learn how to better optimize workflow. One problem I have is not knowing what to save some files as, or where to save them, as there's often many unrelated projects open in the same GIMP project, notepad document, etc. (Then I might forget something's open somewhere, and open another file with the same thing ... happens with my web browser too, I've actually had my IP
  11. Ahh, well I tried to put a few sentences of TLDR near the top, although I'm afraid that if that's the ONLY thing people read, they'll miss out on some crucial info that would completely change the answer they give.
  12. I wish I could, although a stickied topic did say not to leave details out. Closest thing I could come up with to a TLDR is bolding / underlining some text in the post. Also I'm remembering another thing I left out.... "(Also what's your typical motus operandi for where to save files that you don't know what to name them or where to put them? Often in my case I have multiple different things in the same document / GIMP project / VLC playlist.))" About the title ... I had to use some emojis, and still ran out of room.
  13. Okay, first off, I was going to post this in Discord's #tech-support section, cause I thought I'd get a faster response there than I would on the forums, but as I was typing it out, it was getting a bit too long for there. Let me see if I can come up with a TLDR besides the one in the title, although a LOT of things will be left out: My laptop is COMPLETELY frozen - no mouse, screensaver, keyboard activity, clock is frozen too. Do NOT want to restart, as I have several dozen untitled projects open in various apps that don't properly support crash recovery. Is
  14. @FakeKGB took the words right out of my fingers, I've had the same thing happen. I've always been too slow to grab a screenshot, not that I've ever tried. (Another thing I'd like to get a screenshot of in the "you have to be super fast or you miss it" category would be .... once in a while when my PC is under a heavy load, and I switch to another window / app, the window border, title bar, minimize/maximize/close buttons, for like 0.2 seconds looks like Windows 7 style, even though I'm running Windows 10 with pretty much a default theme.)
  15. Hmm that's interesting .... I was able to react to that person's post earlier from my phone (in Chrome) ... but got the same error when trying to react from my laptop in both Chrome and Firefox. (I haven't tried from my desktop, or from other browsers on my phone, or from Edge.) Screenshot: I also included a few screenshots from my phone, opened in Google Photos in Chrome windows, to show a successful reaction using that device. (Hope the forum didn't spam you with notifications @NZgamer (also idk how notifications work if I add someone's name / quote to a post